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You worked hard acquiring your customers. It's time to treat them to the experience of a lifetime. Deliver meaningful and helpful experiences for the entire journey with real-time data collection and activation.

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PrimeCredit’s first priority was to focus on existing customers researching and applying for services using its mobile apps, managing to rescue abandonment rates, and increase mobile response rates by 50%.

“AudienceStream helps us stitch together interactions so we have a single view of the customer and their portfolio. When an event such as an application for a cash advance is triggered we can store it in our data warehouse and consolidate it with other activities and events to gain a complete view.”

Eric Fung

Head of Marketing at Prime Credit


Sportsbet uses a single view of their customer to personalize betting experiences by surfacing relevant events and providing one-click access. A reduction in bounce rate led to 9 million more sessions throughout the year from customers.

“We are an online business in a very, very competitive industry where the barriers to entry are very small and people can move their money easily, so it’s critical that we provide our customers with the best customer experience.”

Niall Keating

Head of Data Solutions (Trading, Martech & Data) at Sportsbet


By stitching together their omnichannel data, HKBN was able to simultaneously increase return-on-ad-spend by 30% through personalization and lower its marketing spend.

“We elected to work with Tealium due to the flexibility that comes hand-in-hand with its ‘build your own stack' model. The hub means we have full visibility of customer insights both on- and offline in real-time. On top of this strong Digital and Data foundation, our team of digital experts can then add new technologies to suit an individual campaign or business need - rather than blindly subscribing to a pre-existing ecosystem.”

Samuel Hui

Co-Owner and Chief Transformation Officer at HKBN Group

Use Case 1

Build Relationships with First-party Data Collection

Brands who develop and measure direct relationships with their customers have significant advantages delivering data-driven CX over the lifetime of their customer. And relationships are built on trust. In order to build and retain customers, brands need ongoing data collection capabilities with privacy and consent at their core.

Use Case 2

Increase Loyalty with Insights into the Customer Journey

Every customer-business relationship is unique, and your ability to see signals early in the lifecycle is key to keeping that relationship in place. With restrictions in place for tracking customers across venues, this places a premium on agile, first-party data practices to measure behavior and ramp up campaigns and offers. Brands must master new measurement techniques to keep customers on board.

Use Case 3

Identify and Reduce Churn Risk Across All Channels

When looking at a cross-channel view of the customer, analysts can see certain behavior--such as customers up for renewal who have not engaged-- and grasp an opportunity to head off churn. Data-rich customer profiles are also fertile ground for ML-driven predictions, giving brands an increased capability to identify and address risk at scale.

Use Case 4

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with Real-time Actions

Insights are fleeting, in-the-moment cues for you to act. They can disappear as soon as your customer changes their mind. With customer profiles integrated at the heart of your tech stack, you can automate actions that move at the speed of your customer. Not only does this automation efficiently drive CX, but it delights your customer and maximizes lifetime value by engaging when the time is right.

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