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Deliver proactive, meaningful experiences based on real-time data across the customer journey

Understand Buyer Behaviors Through Customer Data

One-on-one conversations are best for understanding customers, but for most businesses, that’s not possible. Use data to anticipate your most likely buyers, predict a segment that could churn, or figure out the precise time to present an offer.

Analyze Cross-channel Behavior

Analyze Cross-channel Behavior

Build Your Own Predictive Actions

Build Your Own Predictive Actions

Reduce Time and Effort to Insight

Reduce Time and Effort to Insight

Automate Insights-to-action

Automate Insights-to-action

Delivering Better Data to the World’s Most Innovative Enterprises

From A(dobe) to Z(endesk) we work with the tech stack you already have and make it better.


Microsoft manages data collection across more than 80 markets, representing 70+ unique types of media tags, and more than 1200 conditions for where and when to fire them.

Microsoft Office

“We've been able to move around ten million dollars this last year into new tactics from what was there before”

Chris Cook

Sr. Web BI Architect at Microsoft


Thomas Sabo reduced in cart abandonment thanks to effective nudge emails with conversion rates six to seven times higher than average.

Thomas Sabo

“The use of data to analyse taste is a complex challenge. It needs to sit alongside understanding behaviour, and with Tealium AudienceStream, Thomas Sabo was able to drive loyalty — and sales — with customers in one of the most turbulent years in retail history.”

Florian Schlütter

Business Analyst E-Commerce at Thomas Sabo GmbH & Co. KG


One single Universal Data Layer powering analytics to provide consistency across platforms to make analysis easier and more effective


"What ends up happening is you have apples to apples view of whether I walk into an in-person event or I happen to be browsing a website that can be seen the same way, and so it can be treated the same way when it comes to presenting that data on a dashboard"

Steve Setzer

Program Manager, Marketing Operations at Facebook

Microsoft Office
Thomas Sabo
Solutions - Single View of the Customer
Use Case 1

Analyze Cross-channel Behavior

We’re faced with new challenges to tracking customer behavior today, so brands must take a first-party data-centric approach when assessing customer interactions. Customers access multiple sources and channels, but with the right collection capabilities, analysts can create a data foundation that provides a complete view of their customers’ activities. Teams can focus on measuring and analyzing the behavior rather than waste time and resources wrangling data.

Solutions - Customer Analytics & Predictive Insights
Use Case 2

Build Your Own Predictive Insights

Predictive insights require a high volume of high quality data for analysis. Tealium enables brands to collect data from a wide range of sources, resolve customer identity, and define custom attributes. With Predict ML, you can predict any attribute you’re tracking, then use that prediction to define audience segments and trigger CX actions.

Solutions - Customer Experience & Personalization
Use Case 3

Reduce Time and Effort to Insight

Analysts commonly spend up to 80% of their time wrangling data instead of analyzing it. Tealium’s data layer approach helps companies reduce post-processing time by building insights directly into their data collection practices. With pre-defined analysis points, organizations greatly reduce time-to-insight and save effort producing results.

Solutions - Loyalty & Retention
Use Case 4

Alternate Customer Experiences in Real-time

The reason we learn new things is so we can use them to improve our lives. Otherwise, what’s the point? So the value of a customer insight depends on how you activate it. Instead of relying on backward-looking, manual segmentation efforts, build your CX goals into data collection practices. That way, your insights drive maximum value and don’t sit in a report.

Keep the Technology Stack You Want Without Sacrificing Data Insights

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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