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With Tealium, you can be confident in complying with evolving, global privacy regulations while you deliver trusted and relevant customer experiences.

Collect First-party Data

First-party Data

Maintain Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Improve Data Operational Efficiency

Improve Data Operational Efficiency

Reduce Integration Time and ETL

Reduce Integration Time and ETL

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After implementing improved tracking, TUI Travel Group's return on ad spend increased by 18% with cost per booking dropping by 6%.

TUI Travel Group

“We’re looking forward to expanding our use of this tool, not only focusing on the conversion event but using that server-side data to deliver an outstanding customer experience via relevant, useful and timely remarketing ads.”

Volkan Özturan

Team Analytics Digital Commerce, Berlin TUI Group


Adore Beauty has increased its engagement rate by 400%, boosted its conversion rate by 17% and grown its revenue by 249% since launch.

Adore Beauty

“We understood from very early on that the golden ticket to a fully personalised customer journey would be data. We needed a tool which could gather hyper-relevant data, translate that into tailor-made advice and recommendations and blow our brick and mortar competitors out of the water.”

Dan Ferguson

Chief Marketing Officer at Adore Beauty


Presidium Health reduced ER visits for the top 5% of patients with better insights into patient health.

Presidium Health Logo

“The path to the future of healthcare is digital healthcare”

Ashkan Hayatdavoudi, MD, JD

Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder at Presidium Health

TUI Travel Group
Adore Beauty
Presidium Health Logo
Collect First-party Data with Tag Management and Server-side Data
Use Case 1

Collect First-party Data with Tag Management and Server-side Data

Brands engage with customers across multiple channels where data is at the heart of every engagement and insight. But the way brands can use this data is changing. Third-party data tactics are disappearing, and first-party data has surfaced to fill the gap. Brands must continue to develop first-party-centric data collection strategies in order to delight customers well into the future.

Maintain the Highest Information Security Standards
Use Case 2

Maintain the Highest Information Security Standards

The days of collecting all possible customer data attributes and worrying about it later are over. Regulatory pressure and consumer attitudes towards privacy have raised the bar for collecting data. Whether for regulations like HIPAA or GDPR or standards like ISO 27001, securing customer data is paramount. With a privacy-centric data layer approach, brands can achieve greater mastery over first-party customer data while lowering their risk of non-compliance.

Improve Your Data Operations Efficiency and Add Real-time Capabilities
Use Case 3

Improve Your Data Operations Efficiency and Add Real-time Capabilities

When businesses collect data the right way, your downstream actions and analyses are more accurate, and your path-to-insights is more efficient and relevant. Brands can improve operational efficiency and agility by using a data layer approach to data collection. Not to mention, this method affords real-time engagement opportunities.

Reduce Integration Time, ETL Requirements, and Time-to-value with New Systems
Use Case 4

Reduce Integration Time, ETL Requirements, and Time-to-value with New Systems

A little up-front work on data collection goes a long way towards organizational agility with customer tech. Proper data collection techniques save post-collection ETL requirements while also reducing time-to-value with new systems by building a solid data foundation. As new technology emerges, this vendor and tool-neutral approach to customer data collection unlocks significant value for your business.

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