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Digital Venues Emerge

The best entertainment experiences come from a seamless and real-time understanding of your customer across all the brands and digital venues where you interact. But creating connected fan experiences for the customers who love you most is no easy feat as expectations and digital noise continues to grow.

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Fans Are Omnichannel

In order to thrive today and in the future, entertainment brands must digitally transform their customer engagement approach by leveraging a channel and vendor-agnostic view of customer behavior. How so? With a custom-built view of fan behavior across the customer lifecycle integrated with your tech stack, you can efficiently build engaging omnichannel fan experiences personalized to individual customer relationships. Score!

Quality Data

Re-engage Fans with Data

Tealium helps sports and entertainment brands collect and understand the right data to fuel real-time experiences uniquely tailored to your customer’s context. Deliver personalized messages across multiple channels and varying venues, turn browsers into loyal subscribers, and subscribers into lifelong VIPs when you truly understand how your customers engage across their customer journey.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Sports & Entertainment

Use real-time, unified data as the foundation for building loyal fan relationships through better experiences that grow lifetime value.

Attract and Retain the Right Audiences
Delightful Omnichannel Personalization
Understand Journey Across Brands and Venues
Activate on Any Screen
Drive Value from 1st Party Data

Attract and Grow Value with Your Biggest Fans

The best fans are lifelong fans. Collect rich first-party data of your customers as they interact with you across various channels, brands, and venues. Then use these rich insights as a foundation for long term fan engagement. Predictive insights can help you anticipate behavior and take proactive action to produce a better outcome to drive growth.

Did you know your most diehard fans also hold clues to attracting new fans? Build lookalike audiences for customer acquisition and analyze customer behavior to further grow your readership and fanbase. Develop a customer acquisition strategy around your unique first-party data to see even more great wins!

Personalize Omnichannel Entertainment Experiences

Tealium integrates with any tool you already use to engage your fans— website, mobile app, POS, email, marketing automation, ads, CRM, IoT just to name a few— meaning you can provide personalized omnichannel experiences without missing a beat (using the tools and tech you and your team already knows and loves!).

Trigger personalized experiences and relevant messaging with a real-time, unified customer profile at the heart of your tech stack.

Understand Your Customer’s Journey Across Brands, Venues, and Engagement Channels

Sports and entertainment fans are passionate customers who engage deeply and usually across multiple digital properties. Understanding behavior as they traverse your brand experience is critical to maintaining an emotional connection with your audience. And the insights you learn from one brand or venue are often lucrative for another.

Tealium gives entertainment brands a single view of their customer across multiple venues and channels as the foundation for customer experience actions and further customer analytics. With a consistent view of the customer across teams and brands, the customer gets a seamless experience that truly delivers in the moments that matter.

Activate Your Insights Across Any Screen

Building unique customer insights into your data foundation is just the start. With an integration marketplace of over 1300+ tools and technologies, you can activate your insights wherever you engage your customer.

Create segments like VIPs, topic fans, subscribers, geographic locations, coupon clippers— or just about anything you can think of! Then use these segments in various channels and venues to create rich experiences with perfect context.

Use First-party Data to Differentiate CX and Drive Lifelong Fans

First-party data represents the direct relationship with your customers. The insights from first-party data are unique to your brand and form the foundation of how you understand and honor your customer relationships. Take control of your first-party data to build a foundation for CX on top of your unique customer insights.

With a first-party data foundation in place you can power customer acquisition with lookalike audiences, build retention with deep insights into customer engagement over time, and explore customer relationships for new insights that drive results. Tealium helps you collect data and build a view of your customers that only you can have to steep every interaction with context.

The Utah Jazz Conversions Skyrocket with Connected Customer Data

Marketing results went from low-scoring to high-converting, with email ticket sales increasing almost $1 million in three years.


The Utah Jazz converted browsers into ticket buyers 2x higher than any other team in the NBA.

Utah Jazz

“Whenever somebody does anything on our site…Tealium – on the fly, dynamically, and in real time – is combining that so we can see that our online and offline visitors are really the same person. We don’t have to do anything to tie that together. Tealium does it for us.”

Jared Geurts

Senior Director, Analytics, Utah Jazz

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