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Tealium Ways of Work

Our Tealium Ways of Work (WOWs) are how we think, act, and interact with each other and our customers, partners, and community.

Ways of Work - WOW - Win Together


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Ways of Work - WOW - Innovate Continuously


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Ways of Work - WOW - Trusted Outcomes


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Ways of Work - WOW - Communicate Transparently


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Ways of Work - WOW - Learn Incessantly


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Ways of Work - WOW - Value Diversity


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Ways of Work - WOW - Connected Collectively


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Team Awards

Each quarter, we recognize team members across the globe for their great accomplishments, contributions, and dedication not just to Tealium but their embodiment of Tealium’s Ways of Work - how they think, act, and interact in and outside Tealium.

Alexa Nasekaylo

Alexa Nasekaylo

Software Engineer


Alexander Fedorenchik

Sr. Software Architect


Harry Chriss

Software Engineer

United States

Renly Dutton

Staff Software Engineer

United States

Dave Milsom

Partner Product Manager

United States

Kyle Brierley

Director, Product

United States

Ellie Burn

Engagement Manager

United Kingdom

Sezen Akdag

Customer Account Manager

United Kingdom

Melanie Greyerbiehl

Product Designer

United States

Corbin Spicer

Manager, Partner & Developers Products

United Kingdom

Megan Clark

Field Marketer

United Kingdom

Kintu Joseph

Sr. Manager, Customer Success


Hazel Titus

Engagement Manager


Simon Khalighi

Strategic Account Director


Matt Alexander

Manager, Implementation Engineering


Sejas Patel

Partner Development Manager


Our Benefits & Perks


Tealium Ways of Work (WOWs) - Our award winning culture is how we think, act, and connect together and with our customers, partners and our communities.


Tealium Connects (remote-first) - We have an opportunity to choose where we do our best work and new hire stipends are offered to assist with purchasing items to support a successful remote-working environment.


Tealium Ownership - New hire equity grants are an essential part of our benefits to joining us as these provide an opportunity to share in the success of Tealium.


Tealium Time - Flexible paid time-off (some countries may differ based on specific country regulations) so we can take the time when we need it. In addition, extended paid parental leave and company holidays are provided to celebrate the moments that matter.


Healium - Our robust health and wellness programs ensure we are our best selves in all areas - physical, mental, social, and even financial well-being.


Healium Be-Well Break - We offer an annual all-company paid shutdown to provide a true break for us all.


Tealium LIFT (Learning is Facilitated at Tealium) - A myriad of professional development opportunities are part of LIFT, including over 6,000 on-demand courses across all types of curriculum, as well as, best-in-class management and leadership development programs.


Mosaic - Diversity, equality, and inclusion is grounded in our mosaic of diverse perspectives and shared belonging spanning nearly 20 countries where we live and work.


Tealium Cares - 15 hours of paid work time for volunteer activities and programs is only the beginning of how we promote care and contribution within our local communities.


Health and Related Benefits Program - We offer market-competitive medical benefits that prioritize the health and wellness of our employees and their families.

“Team Tealium is a collective working and living across the US and in nearly 20 countries stretching throughout the globe. We are intentional about our culture, our investment in our team members and how we care and connect. This is not a company for the ordinary. Tealium is truly extraordinary, one of a kind. Like helium, we rise above, a kinetic force that elevates our customers’ and our experiences beyond all others. And, like teal, we reflect vibrance, a brilliant reflection that evokes authenticity, trustworthiness, reliability, open communication and clarity of thought. We win together and always with respect and appreciation for the talents required of all positions and the people that contribute to each of these.” Adrianne Court Chief Human Resources Officer, Tealium

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Marina Calderon

Marina Calderon

Sr. Customer Account Manager

“Tealium is an amazing place to work at. During the pandemic we shifted to a remote-first structure and we haven’t looked back since! At Tealium, work-life balance is a priority and for parents of young children, like myself, this is key as it allows us to take care of our families and thrive professionally at the same time. However, the best thing of working at Tealium for me is, without a doubt, our meritocracy culture: You get rewarded for our achievements, you get recognised for hard work. No nonsense, no micromanagement, everything is based on your ability and results.”

Sumio Ebisawa

Senior Technical Training & Development Specialist

Tealium provides great opportunities to improve my career, experience, knowledge, and connections. The enterprise, cutting-edge solution from Tealium makes me eager to learn about its products and services. Since I am working for a global company which is providing services around the globe, English is mandatory. Though English is not my first language and I have some difficulties communicating in it, I feel very comfortable and relaxed. My skillful and helpful team members are keen to help and are understanding. Tealium respects the value of diversity, not just for languages but for culture from the various regions as well.

Mark Reddin

Mark Reddin

Manager, Implementation Engineering

“At Tealium; I support and am supported by my team and the wider company - there are no silos; I have everyday great conversations with customers and colleagues; I have varied, challenging and interesting work across multiple projects; I work with fascinating real-time technology at massive scale”

David Crean

David Crean

Director, Front End Engineering

“Working for Tealium is a fast paced and energizing environment. We work to improve our product, our customer's experience and ourselves every day. Our leadership is experienced and embraces evolving technology and architecture to deliver value over and over again.”

Caglar Colak

Caglar Colak

Director, Customer Account Management

“Tealium has given me a great opportunity to carry on a winning career in a strong leadership position. I love working for a company that truly values their employees as individuals. It’s inevitable that everything starts with people. Having outstanding senior leadership alongside colleagues around who are always supportive and ready to help, makes the working environment such a great place to be. I am so happy that I am part of such a great organization that gives me the opportunity to start every day like it’s my first day after 5 years with incredibly high motivation and excitement. Tealium pulls everyone together to cheer for one another on every single day to make everyone successful in their role.”

Comparably Awards

Tealium Comparably Perks & Benefits Award
Tealium Comparably Best Compensation Award

Our Locations

At Tealium, we are remote first but we have Tealium Connect office locations around the globe to serve our teams and customers.
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