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When You Know All the Key Details of a Buyer
You Can Deliver Personalized Experiences

Is there a magic solution for driving more growth through acquisition? We think so. Complete and up-to-date customer data will provide a relevant experience and convert more customers.

Enable Dynamic Segmentation

Enable Dynamic Segmentation

Personalize for Anonymous Visitors

Personalize for Anonymous Visitors

Improve Lookalike Audiences

Improve Lookalike Audiences

Optimize Marketing Spend

Optimize Marketing Spend

Delivering Better Data to the World’s Most Innovative Enterprises

From A(dobe) to Z(endesk) we work with the tech stack you already have and make it better.


Using a single view of their customer, Monash University provided more relevant engagement to increase ‘quality’ leads by 19%.

Monash University

"It is about rapid decision making to be able to optimize, whether it's your investment or your activity, on-the-spot as much as possible, so that's as close to real-time as possible."

Amin Foda

Director of Marketing Infrastructure at Monash University


With a better understanding of customers, Orange reduced average cost per acquisition for customers and prospects by six times when compared to using a media agency and increased website conversions by three times.


“If you are using the right use cases, content and technology, you will create value for your customer – be there at the right moment for them"

Xavier Perret

Chief Data Officer at Orange


Molekule creates cohort segmentation and automates messaging to bring together the emotional appeal of their brand with the data-driven insights of their performance marketing team. As a result, they were able to launch campaigns twice as fast as before.


“Everyone promises true cross-channel delivery but that’s not necessarily true. We are very lucky that Tealium has built these capabilities way before CDP used to be a word, and it allows us to truly deliver cross-channel messaging.”

Gaurav Agarwal

SVP Growth & Strategy at Molekule

Monash University
Solutions - Single View of the Customer
Use Case 1

First-party Data for Better Audience Management

Customer acquisition programs are commonly powered by rapidly declining third-party data practices. To fill the gap, growth marketers will need to build first-party data assets that can support new customer targeting, using data from more sources. Marketers don’t need to rely on the mercy of walled gardens for customer acquisition--harness the power of first-party data for segmentation!

Solutions - Loyalty & Retention
Use Case 2

Personalize Experiences for Anonymous Users

Anonymous prospects are those who engage with promotions but have yet to reveal themselves. They’ve proven to be a valuable, high-converting audience. Marketers should take into account behavioral learnings prior to identification to deliver a personalized experience. This can increase conversion rates plus provide valuable post-conversion insights that can drive higher lifetime value.

Solutions - Customer Analytics & Predictive Insights
Use Case 3

Create Highly Effective Lookalike Audiences

Characteristics of your best customers can be used to target your best prospects. With profiles on your best customers available, you can create customer lists using any customer attribute as the basis of lookalike campaigns. With lookalike campaigns powered by robust first-party data, new customer targeting is more effective and efficient.

Solutions - Growth
Use Case 4

Suppress Poor Targets to Optimize Marketing Spend

Sometimes the most efficient way to improve performance isn’t by adding more sophisticated targeting — it’s by removing irrelevant or poor targets. Often, poor integration means certain data sets, like in-store purchases or data in niche systems, can’t be used for suppression. However, with these walls broken down, brands can freely use new data sources to suppress inefficient customers such as offline purchasers or window shoppers. Understand who you should and shouldn’t target, and focus on your best bets.

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