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Customers Expect More

Experience is the new differentiator for financial service organizations and it’s also how your customers expect you to help them achieve their lifetime goals. Power better experiences across the financial journey and drive deeper customer insight with unified and trusted customer data.

Relationships Are Key

Do more to be there for your customers like never before. By collecting and connecting relevant data to elevate the digital experience, your brand can personalize experiences beyond just products and services to truly form relationships that establish you as the trusted and reliable advisor.

Quality Data

Technology Builds Trust

With unified and trusted customer data, financial services organizations can transform customer interactions and deliver the right experiences, right when it matters. More than 350 leading financial services and top payment services industry leaders trust Tealium to power their customer data collection, cleansing, activation, and robust insight capturing practices that are scalable and meet security requirements across the globe.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Financial Services

Leverage real-time, unified customer data to foster loyal relationships with customers throughout their entire financial journey, build trust, and drive better experiences.

Grow Share of Wallet
Improved Personalization and CX
Cross-Channel Activation
Audience Segmentation
Call Center Deflection & Self-Service

Grow Share of Wallet

Tealium helps financial services organizations better understand their customers digital interactions. Build audiences around the stage in your customers financial journey so that ”next best” products and services can be planned and marketed at the right time in the customer journey, ultimately resulting in growth in share of wallet.

Deliver “branch in pocket” experiences

Tealium integrates with your email, marketing automation, online advertising, social, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, enabling real-time action within the marketing technologies you already use.

You can trigger personalized experiences, based on real-time customer data signals, and engage with your customers like never before across any channel.

Connect Marketing, Sales, & Services Teams with a Single Set of Data

Each customer has multiple engagement points along their journey both pre-purchase (third-party data, social, owned properties, call centers) and post-purchase (call centers, chat, in-branch agents) and keeping a single set of data throughout the journey is key to driving personalized customer experiences.

Tealium helps your businesses unify all of your customer data and create a single view of the customer that’s actionable across the tools that power customer support, sales, marketing, and analytics. This drives better customer loyalty outcomes and generates a single course of actionable customer data across the entire organization.

Build Trust and Engage VIP Customers

With real-time customer data, financial services brands can ensure they understand and segment their most valuable customers, send them exclusive offers, and build greater overall lifetime value (LTV).

Get a Full View of Customers by Combining Offline and Online Data

Eliminate data blind spots. Onboard offline data, such as call center and data from your branches, then combine it with your online data to improve self-service as well as provide a consistent, connected experience regardless of where your visitors are engaging with you.

PrimeCredit Increased Mobile App Adoption by 50% After Streamlining Their Data Processes

Tealium customer PrimeCredit leveraged the power of their data to better understand their customers to recommend the right financial product at the right time and with the right product.


With better data powering more relevant experiences, PrimeCredit increased mobile application adoption by over 50% and unlocked new and innovative use cases like cross-selling services between credit card customers and loan customers.

Prime Credit

“Tealium helps us stitch together interactions so we have a single view of the customer and their portfolio. When an event such as an application for a cash advance is triggered we can store it in our data warehouse and consolidate it with other activities and events to gain a complete view.”

Eric Fung

Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit

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