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Own and access your most important enterprise asset, your customer data

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Tealium DataAccess

Own all of the customer data available across your organization to fuel deeper insights with managed solutions for customer data management.

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Build a Portable First-party Data Asset

Data Ownership
Reporting and Dashboards
Cloud Support
Data Governance
Data Ownership

Own Your Data

Own a single source of trusted customer data to fuel deeper insights. No need to buy back data from vendors, saving time, resources, and money.

Tealium DataAccess offers the richest source of clean and correlated omnichannel, event and audience data collected across web and mobile touchpoints, and makes that data available for action and analysis in your business.


Analyze Data Without Wrangling

The Tealium Customer Data Hub is a rich source of multichannel customer data begging for further analysis. Use Tealium’s new analytics tool, Data Insights, to access templated reporting and dashboards, or build your own. Save time by analyzing data right where it’s collected.

Visualize any data in DataAccess for quick insights, and share reports around the organization to communicate findings. Or fuel your own dedicated analytics platform with this rich data set.

Cloud Support

Trusted Customer Data in Any Cloud

Tealium DataAccess supports real-time data integrations with the world’s three leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platforms.

Through Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Microsoft Azure’s Stream Analytics, Tealium can fuel your cloud architecture and analytics efforts.

Data Governance

Establish a Central Hub of Governance

Get proactive with your data privacy practices. Tealium DataAccess allows you to build a central data hub to improve governance, seamlessly share data, and consume shared data to collaborate across your organization and beyond.

Store, Analyze, and Visualize Your Data

Tealium DataAccess offers two formats for storage: structured data and semi-structured data allowing you to work with your data any way you see fit.

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Why Tealium?

Why Tealium?

Market Leaders

We are creators and leaders of the Customer Data Platform and Tag Management category. Tealium was named a 2020 Top 50 enterprise product and Top 50 marketing product by G2 Crowd.

We’re Everywhere You Need Us to Be

We are a global company with strategically located offices, personnel, and technology infrastructure, allowing us to offer our customers capabilities for managing data based on geographic considerations.

Real-time Architecture

Our platform is built for truly real-time data collection (milliseconds), standardization, transformation, enrichment and activation of customer data. As customer needs and preferences change, your business will be ready to keep pace and deliver the right experience.


Our data-first approach is focused on delivering unified, correct and complete customer data to your business no matter the CRM, social marketing platform, marketing cloud, APIs or analytics suite already in place.

Built for the Entire Business

Tealium helps all teams across the enterprise collect, understand and activate their customer data.


From the beginning, data security and customer privacy have been at the forefront of our development strategy. Tealium has achieved a pedigree of 3rd party security and privacy certifications including HIPAA, ISO 27001 and 27018, Privacy Shield and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type I & II.

Our Team Is Your Team

Leverage our dedicated team of customer success and digital strategists to support your customer experience efforts and business goals.

Tealium DataAccess

Own your customer data and extend its use across your organization. Tealium DataAccess helps you power teams and technologies to work together leveraging a shared business language and the same customer data set.

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Data Supply Chain

Keep the Technology Stack You Want Without Sacrificing Data Insights

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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