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Businesses can create a personalized and relevant experience at each customer touchpoint, in real-time. Avoid untimely offers, generic communications, or even incorrect personalization.

Personalize Across Channels

Personalize Across Channels

Enable Dynamic Segmentation

Suppress Audience Targets

Improve Loyalty Campaigns

Supercharge Customer Service

Improve Customer Journey Analytics

Improve Customer Journey Analytics

Delivering Better Data to the World’s Most Innovative Enterprises

From A(dobe) to Z(endesk) we work with the tech stack you already have and make it better.


The Utah Jazz personalized cross-channel customer experiences and increased revenue per fan by 34%

Utah Jazz

“Because Tealium was able to tie our campaign, the Jazz site, and Ticketmaster data together, we were able to build our own attribution models. We could see the performance not only just on individual campaigns but also on each of our channels”

Jared Geurts

Senior Director, Analytics, Utah Jazz


With Tealium’s Customer Data Hub, nib Health was able to enable their internal teams to quickly create campaigns, without relying on third-party vendors increasing marketable leads by 175%.


“We often relied on third-party marketing vendors to generate our campaigns. Now, we have the enablement, we’re able to move really quickly and speed things to market by doing things ourselves.”

Josh Griffiths

Direct Sales Manager, nib Health funds


With a centralized data platform, SPRING has been able to create dynamic, personalized advertising, improve operational efficiency, and better align teams with 1000 different combinations live testing for each audience.

Spring Axel Springer

“It eases the work of the campaign manager. You can focus on optimizing instead of setting up targeting because this is all now done in the CDP. And another nice thing is that AudienceStream works not only for programmatic but cross-channel campaigns.”

Leonard Kehl

Senior Product Manager Data, SPRING Axel Springer

Utah Jazz
Spring Axel Springer
Solutions - Single View of the Customer
Use Case 1

A Personalized Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Customers have high expectations for brands to recognize and remember them, no matter when, how, or where they’re interacting. Customer knowledge needs to span all engagement channels plus be ready for new ones! First-party customer profiles are the foundation on which sustainable CX programs are built.

Solutions - Loyalty & Retention
Use Case 2

Suppress Audiences to Create a Better Experience

Sometimes the best CX action is not to take one — like promoting an item online to a customer who already purchased in-store. By integrating customer data into profiles, you’ll have better cross-channel insights that can be used to suppress audience targets no matter where you engage.

Solutions - Customer Experience & Personalization
Use Case 3

Enable Customer Service with Omnichannel Insights

When it comes to customer service, quick insights can be the difference between saving a customer or losing one. The same customer profiles used for customer engagement and analysis systems can provide invaluable insights to customer service agents when it matters most. Easily meet and exceed service expectations by integrating customer profiles with CRM systems.

Solutions - Growth
Use Case 4

Build and Improve Customer Journey Analytics

The fall of third-party cookies and other data deprecation challenges have made it increasingly difficult to track customer behavior across a multitude of venues. But without accurate measurement and analysis, delivering effective CX is nearly impossible. Brands must build and activate first-party customer profiles for more complete, “future-proof” insights into the customer journey.

Keep the Technology Stack You Want Without Sacrificing Data Insights

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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