Tealium’s Suite of Conversions API (CAPI) Integrations

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Introduction to Conversions APIs (CAPI)

Conversions APIs (CAPI) empower businesses to seamlessly share their data directly from servers, eliminating the reliance on web browsers. By leveraging CAPI, advertisers can drive desired outcomes by utilizing their own controlled information and data, including interactions with their websites, products, and services.

This approach allows businesses to maintain data privacy while improving ad performance and attribution, and ultimately delivering highly personalized experiences to customers, without relying on browser-based tools like third party cookies.

Tealium's Conversions API integrations offer comprehensive visibility throughout the entire customer journey, ensuring accurate data sharing and granting businesses full control over their first party data.

With Tealium, you can integrate with industry-leading ad platforms such as Google, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Spotify to improve marketing attribution, ROAS, and ad conversions in a privacy-centric manner with first party data.

Benefits of Tealium's Conversion APIs


Data Privacy Control - Advertisers have added control over what data they share and can choose to append insights like product margins or include historical information like customer value scores.


Less Data Loss - Data sharing is more reliable than browser-based methods; as the Conversions API is designed to be less susceptible to issues like a browser crash or connectivity issues.


Full Funnel Visibility - Advertisers can use a wider array of data to inform their advertising than is currently captured by pixel, like CRM data, offline conversion data, lower funnel events including qualified leads, or multi-site conversion paths.


Improve Your ROAS - Better data can turn into a lift in Return-on-Ad-Spend because you can identify where a customer is at in their lifecycle and trigger actions or campaigns that produce a better result for your business.

Benefits of Tealium's Conversion APIs


Configure Offline Events for Omnichannel - Provide a more holistic representation of user behavior across browsers and a potential for faster statistical significance through inclusion of additional conversions.


Strengthen How Data is Shared with Big Tech Platforms - Marketers can help ensure the reliability of the data they share with tech platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Future Proof Measurement - Conversion APIs reduce the reliance on third party cookies and allows you to be better equipped to handle shifts in the measurement ecosystem.


Control Your Data - Advertisers can decide what data to share and when to share it, as well as include more meaningful data, such as a customized customer value score or each step/action taken in a conversion journey on a website.

Key Use Cases for Getting Started with Conversions APIs

Use Case 1

Deeper-Funnel Optimization

Many advertisers optimize for an event that is only part way down their funnel e.g. a 'lead' event when someone fills out a form, because they cannot optimize for the actual conversion since it may happen on a third party browser or offline. Using Tealium’s Conversions API integrations, advertisers can capture a deeper-funnel event and configure their ad to optimize for that new event.

Use Case 2

Improving Event Reliability

Many events never fire because of browser default settings, poor network connections, or if the pixel code was not executed before the user navigated away from the page. These events are always captured by the server. These incremental events could be a meaningful percentage of events that could therefore improve ad performance. By sharing events via both the browser and server-side, advertisers can be sure to register the user actions that are not captured by the browser pixel.

Use Case 3

Enhanced Data Sharing

Advertisers can gain flexibility in how they share data with ad platforms like Meta by establishing user identity or adding meaningful data, such as user scores, before sending events to them.

Delivering Better Data to the World’s Most Innovative Enterprises

"We have Conversion API in EventStream and TiQ which helped to increase the attribution. With Audience Stream we're able to really hone in on what our consumer behavior is and serve up a personalized experience based on the group that they are in."

Christina Sweeney,
Manager of Site Analytics, New Balance

Golfbreaks' ad click through rates improved by 18% from using both the Conversion API and the Facebook pixel.

Golfbreaks relies on the expertise of its sales staff to provide advice to customers, meaning the call center is the highest converting channel. Being able to track inbound calls (as server side events as a webhook from the phone tracking system) and send those to Facebook, allowed Golfbreaks to get a full picture on conversions.

The Australian internet service provider worked with Tealium to use the Facebook Conversions API to improve its campaign measurement and performance, and earned a 23% higher conversion rate, 26% in incremental sales, and 13% more online sales in just 3 weeks.

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