Better Together: Tealium + Meta

Use Tealium + Meta to better target, measure, and optimize campaigns with consented first-party data.

Powering Privacy in a Changing Landscape

User expectations around privacy and personalized experiences are rising as people demand more transparency, choice, and control over how their online data is used. Global data privacy regulations require brands to have user consent for any data collected. This leaves digital marketing teams facing new challenges in the way they collect and activate customer data, and more importantly, it changes how they personalize and measure their campaigns.

About 30% of all browser traffic is third-party cookie-challenged and that number is expected to increase to around 80% by 2023. This, along with changing consumer behaviors and an increased focus on privacy, has impacted how much customer insight is available to businesses and their ability to personalize, measure and improve their campaigns.

What does this mean for your business?

The way in which advertising is planned and measured by data will continue to fundamentally change over the coming years. Strategies to find the right audiences, target them with personalized campaigns across channels and optimize those campaigns need to evolve. To power privacy-centric advertising in a world without third-party cookies, businesses need to start delivering a first-party driven approach. They need to leverage data from across the enterprise.
The combination of Tealium’s Customer Data Hub including EventStream and AudienceStream, and Meta’s Signals Products like Conversions API and Offline Conversions can help preserve advertising measurement by allowing businesses to leverage consented, first-party data from across their organization. Custom Audiences based on the same data power a more personalized experience with relevant advertising on Meta’s platforms.
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What You Can Achieve

Future Proof Your Advertising Measurement

Alleviate the reliance on third-party cookies and client side tags/ pixels/ SDKs by moving to a more durable solution that uses consented, first party data and server side integrations.

Improve data hygiene by accessing your Event Match Quality score in the Tealium platform to understand the strength of each individual event. Work with Tealium and Meta to improve your score.

Improve Conversion Measurement & Targeting

Recover conversions not observed today due to privacy and regulation changes that are changing how customer data is tracked, collected and activated. Improve targeting, modeling, and bidding performance by configuring important events like subscription, renewal, add to cart and purchases associated with your campaigns running on Meta platforms.

Event level data connected to Meta allows for better attribution modeling, decreased Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and increased Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS). Combined with other data sources like Point-of-Sale, Lead Ads and Messenger, marketers can drive better performance in their Meta campaigns.

Reclaim Your First Party Data

Decide what data to share with Meta and when to share it, as well as include more meaningful data, such as a customized customer value score or each step/action taken in a conversion journey on a website.

As the industry moves to better protect the privacy of consumers, browsers will cease to support cookies that today aid in optimization, targeting and measurement, making server side tools like Conversion API essential for controlling this data.

Enable Full-Funnel Visibility

Bring the full power of your MarTech stack to your Meta campaigns. Maximize your business objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by creating omni-channel audiences in AudienceStream CDP and activating those audiences in Meta using Custom Audiences.

Including more data sources from your enterprise — such as CRM data, call-center events, offline behaviors, lower-funnel events or detailed event parameters like item categories - to grow your audiences with Look-a-like modeling or to reduce low-performing audiences with Suppression modeling.

Complete Control of Your First Party Data

Speed, simplicity and control of your first party data across Meta platforms

Tealium provides turn-key, proven solutions that generate meaningful results for advertisers and provide the foundation for scaling privacy-centric measurement solutions.

As advertisers look to server-side solutions to account for data-privacy regulations and cookie deprecation, Tealium provides a full suite of integrations with Meta technologies to give the ability to deliver their advertising and experience goals, meet privacy requirements and improve their measurement and attribution performance.

Using the Tealium EventStream API hub and AudienceStream CDP, Tealium customers can have confidence in their data collection, compliance, measurement and personalization strategies across all Meta’s platforms.

229% AVG ROAS Increase

In online ROAS with Meta, and 24% increase in signals coverage driving KPI performance across the full marketing funnel
Multinational Retail provider, leveraging Tealium’s Conversions API connector with Meta to drive Ad Performance through EventStream

Solutions - Customer Analytics & Predictive Insights

13% CPA Improvement

Advertisers who followed best practices while sending events ‘redundantly’ via the Meta Pixel and Conversions API received a 13% average improvement on Cost per Acquisition
Source: Meta study, based on 28 global experiments May-August 2022

Tealium + Meta Integrations

Set up hybrid data collection

  • Identify which conversion events are tied to KPIs (e.g. purchase, appointment_requested, newsletter_signup)

  • Identify which platforms they are activated on (Web, Mobile, Offline, App)

  • Configure events and setup an uplift study to track and report on performance

Tealium + Meta Integrations
Optimize and enrich available customer data

  • Optimize the data layer in EventStream for best possible data hygiene, value for investment and ROI

  • Ensure you are achieving recommended industry standard by maximizing Event Match Quality scores

  • Check out EMQ resources from Tealium and media providers to learn how to break down internal silos to collect more consented data

  • Custom Audiences

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Analytics

  • Facebook Social Plugins

  • Facebook Lead Ads (coming soon)

Activate Resilient Data Across the Ecosystem

  • Combine resilient first party data signals with other data sources across the ecosystem with AudienceStream

  • Create a feedback loop of measurement and targeting across the digital ecosystem for attribution modeling, Look-A-Like targeting, suppression modeling and mobile app incrementality studies

  • Activate Online-to-Offline data for next-best action insights by unifying in-store, point-of-sale and call-center data sources

What is the Meta Conversions API (CAPI)?

The Conversions API is a Meta Business Tool that creates a direct connection between your marketing data and the Meta systems. This helps you to use your own marketing data to optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and more accurately measure campaign outcomes while respecting people’s choices on how their data is used.

The Conversions API is linked to an Event Match Quality (EMQ) score that indicates how effective your server event’s customer information parameters may be at matching that event to a Meta account.

Tealium + Meta - How Does It Work?

Tealium was among the first platforms to provide a turnkey integration with the Meta Conversions API enabling full funnel visibility and improved ad targeting, analysis and optimization across Meta technologies by sharing first-party data.

As part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub, the EventStreamAPI Hub provides server-side data collection and orchestration to go beyond data from tags/mobile SDKs reducing the impact of cookie deprecation and signal loss while increasing data governance and control.

Consented customer information parameters are sent along with each Conversions API event to enable an event match with a Meta account. Only matched events can be used for ads attribution and ad delivery optimization and a better score means better personalization and targeting opportunities.

Tealium provides an in-product Event Match Quality (EMQ) score for each event type, including recommendations and guidance on how you can improve your score, to ensure better ad performance and a lower cost per action.

Meta + Tealium Custom Audiences

Meta Custom Audiences allows advertisers to (re-)engage with people they already know or reach out to new prospects that look similar to their best customers. This is most commonly used for remarketing, reaching possible repeat customers, increasing the follower base, increasing app engagement, creating lookalike audiences or excluding existing customers from advertisement campaigns.

Tealium AudienceStream CDP helps companies manage, organize and activate their first-party customer data in a centralized cross-channel profile and use it to deliver great customer experiences. It allows brands to define audiences based on online and offline data by using rules as well as machine-learning. The out of the box connector with Meta makes these audiences immediately available to use within Meta’s campaigns, whether it’s for inclusion, exclusion or to find lookalike customers. As a result, advertisers see better ROAS based on growing audiences and more targeted campaigns as well as improved customer satisfaction due to a frictionless cross-channel experience.

Tui + Tealium


18% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)

29% increase in conversion rate for social media

6% reduction in cost per booking

TUI Travel Group Logo

"Introducing Facebook Conversions API has helped us not only use our advertising budget more effectively, targeting the right customers, but also increased the number of customers who convert via these ads to make a booking.

The essential measurement for us, the return on investment of that ad spend, has increased by 18% since the introduction of Facebook Conversions API. We’re looking forward to expanding our use of this tool, not only focusing on the conversion event but using that server-side data to deliver an outstanding customer experience via relevant, useful and timely remarketing ads."

Volkan Özturan

Team Analytics Digital Commerce, Berlin, TUI Group

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