Mobile, IoT, and Connected Devices

So you need to manage customer data from mobile devices? This is just one type of data among many— learn how Tealium enables a unified approach


New to Managing Data from Mobile Devices?
We have all the details you need to know about how managing data from mobile is different.

Mobile Data Management Solutions

Your customer data is more valuable (and accessible) when it’s all managed together. Centralizing mobile data and data from other channels creates significant value when you have flexible tools to unify and enrich that data.


Ensure that every aspect of your customer experience strategy– across web, mobile, connected devices and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.


Mobile Datasheet
Downloadable overview of Tealium mobile product capabilities


Visitor Stitching
Critical functionality to manage mobile data with other types of data


Using Mobile and Beacon Data
What does a unified data supply chain look like with mobile incorporated? And how does it help customer experience?


How to Approach Mobile Data Management
Why is mobile different and requires a different approach? How do you take that approach?


“I’ve been using Tealium for 5 years and that encompasses 3 different companies […] Using Tealium has been great, especially on mobile”

– Johnson Ta, Director of Digital Measurement Strategy at A+E Networks

What You Collect (and How) Impacts
What You Deliver

Mobile data has some very unique considerations. It’s also just one part of a complex data landscape. Tealium has the tools to get data in, no matter where it comes from.


One way to get data in (or out) is using APIs and delivering data through the cloud, server-side.

Tealium iQタグマネジメント
Another way to get data in (or out) is client-side through the use of tags (javascript and pixels)


Driving Contextual Marketing in the
Anonymous Era

How marketers can leverage first-party, anonymous data to engage prospects and customers far more effectively than their competitors.


Evernote- Creatively Analytic Marketing: The Marriage of Data and Brand
You have to be able to automate a journey for every user and that means making data your best friend. Check out this video with Evernote’s CMO.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Data
Mobile data is unique and complex. Get the facts on how it’s different and how best to use it.


Pre-built, Turnkey Integrations with Leading Technologies

Using Collected Data – Integrations

Customers move fast and your data needs to match or exceed that speed. Integrations operationalize mobile data and ultimately activate the value of your customer data foundation.

Client-side vs Server-side Data Collection and Delivery
You can collect and deliver data client-side or server-side– but each approach comes with benefits and drawbacks. Read this handy guide to get the facts on the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Mobile Integrations 
Browse native mobile integrations in our industry-leading integration marketplace


Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
Complement your enterprise data solution with governed data collection and enrichment, orchestrated actions, and an automated customer profile.


Connecting Insights with Action – Utah Jazz
Hear about how the Utah Jazz use Tealium to tie insights directly to action within a single platform


Choosing Between Client-side and Server-side
A lot goes into having a data platform enabling all possible data activation options. Learn how you choose one or the other.