Leveraging Data in the Multi-Screen Era


Integrate mobile data seamlessly across your tech stack to engage your customers on any device, at any time and with a consistent and relevant message.


Incorporate Mobile Data into Your Single Customer View – Gain a comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel— whether mobile or not

Integrate and Activate Your Mobile Data as Part of a Comprehensive, End-to-End Data Supply Chain – Build a flexible omnichannel data foundation for consistent, relevant and timely messaging

Simplify Mobile Data Collection, While Maximizing Performance – Collect data once, then send it wherever it needs to go from a central hub to maximize performance

Customers don’t multi-task on mobile devices, they single-task, and they expect to get value from a mobile experience within seconds. In order to deliver that value, it’s critical that organizations create an actionable data foundation that’s comprehensive, flexible and fast. In a world of exponential mobile device growth– including connected devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Over the Top content (OTT) and Virtual Reality (VR), the mandate for a central data hub with robust identity resolution grows more urgent every day.

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub ensures that every aspect of your customer experience strategy–across web, mobile, connected devices and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.

Build a Comprehensive Data Supply Chain
While mobile devices are a significant source of data and channel for engagement, they’re not the only data source or engagement channel. In today’s market, experience inconsistency is viewed poorly by customers who perceive these disparities as a sign of impersonal businesses who don’t care. This is why it’s so critical for organizations to build a foundational data supply chain that collects, manages, and activates data from any source.

The value of mobile data (and all data) multiplies dramatically when managed as part of a comprehensive data foundation. Tealium AudienceStream, in concert with data collection and delivery from Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium EventStream, unifies data from all sources to resolve customer identity and provide a single customer view that can be leveraged across all channels.

Implement a Single Data Strategy

Organizations must build a comprehensive data supply chain strategy that unifies mobile with all types of data.

Mobile as Part of a Comprehensive Data Supply Chain

Figure 1: Example of mobile data in a unified data supply chain

Highlighted in the diagram above, mobile data (from native mobile apps, mobile web, connected devices, IoT devices, etc) is incorporated into a comprehensive data supply chain along with other types of data such as web, call center, in-store, POS data and more. This allows brands to build consistent, customer-centric experiences across devices and channels
from a common data foundation.

Tealium Supports All Mobile — Server and Client-side, Native and Mobile Web
When it comes to data collection and delivery for mobile and connected devices, you need options that work for your business and your budget. Data can be collected and delivered in two different ways— client-side (browser-based) via tags and cloud-based delivery (server-side) via APIs. And based on strategic considerations companies may require different solutions for tracking native mobile versus the mobile web. Tealium provides users with flexible options and the ability to choose based on business and strategic needs.

Flexibility is Key

Data can be collected and delivered client or server-side. On native mobile or mobile web. The key is to have options.

Robust and Lightweight
The Tealium mobile solution is lightweight- with an implementation designed to streamline data collection and management. Tealium uses the Collect HTTP API to send data to AudienceStream and EventStream connectors. This approach ensures a lightweight footprint in your app and leverages the power of the Customer Data Hub to connect with your marketing vendors.

Cloud Delivery
Every additional second of load time in mobile costs conversions and customers. Cloud delivery of data allows for increased performance, reduces the load on a device, reduces battery taxation and much more. In addition to Tealium’s expansive marketplace of over 1000 client-side (browser-based) integrations, Tealium offers 100+ cloud-based (server-side) connectors and is adding to that list every day as vendors make the technology available.

“I’ve been using Tealium for 5 years and that encompasses 3 different companies […] Using Tealium has been great, especially on mobile.”
­— Johnson Ta, Director of Digital Measurement Strategy at A&E Networks

Performance Considerations

There can be tension between budget, customer experience, and application speed. It’s important to have options to optimize this balance in a resource-constrained environment.

Integrations to Stream Data to All Major Cloud Computing Platforms
Leveraging Tealium’s core capability for real-time data collection and our global cloud delivery network, Tealium integrates with Google Cloud via Pub/Sub, Amazon Web Services via Kinesis and SQS, and Microsoft Azure through Streaming Analytics. Supplying clean data from a single collection point further enhances the strategic value of IaaS platforms by enabling rapid analysis and activation of data while consuming fewer resources.

Stitch Visitors Across Devices
Customer behaviors are constantly evolving– they research and browse products on mobile devices, abandon shopping carts on their tablets and make purchases on desktop computers—sometimes in a single user session. Digital businesses need the ability tap into their 1st party data
and build single customer profiles across devices, in order to have an accurate understanding of customer behavior, value and campaign performance. With Tealium, you can stitch visitor profiles across sessions, (from unknown to known) through devices and offline channels.

With real-time data infrastructure and the capability to build sophisticated business rules powering data orchestration, marketers can dynamically market to key moments as they happen instead of hours, days or weeks later

Cross-Device Identity Resolution

A single customer view incorporating mobile and all data is critical to organizations’ ability to deliver relevant and timely experiences.

Real-time + Mobile

Engaging customers in the moments that matter can be a powerful strategy, but it’s only possible when built upon real-time data infrastructure.

“Now that mobile is consumers’ preferred engagement screen, identifying new users and subscribers out in the mobile melee is essential […] The solution is the Customer Data Hub”
­— Arthur Brodeur, Vice President, Digital Data Operations at Beachbody

IoT and OTT
Users interact with brands in a wide variety of ways, including on a growing number of mobile devices and over-the-top (OTT) devices, such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles. It’s essential to capture and correlate this user behavior across every channel to provide an optimized experience. Tealium offers native app support for a growing list of devices including those powered by Apple iOS and Google’s Android, as well as OTT devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

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