Better Together: Pair Your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or Data Lake With Tealium’s Customer Data Hub

Bridge the data gap between insights and action with Tealium’s Customer Data Hub

Consumers are engaging with brands across multiple touchpoints, channels, and devices, generating massive amounts of valuable data. Organizations are quickly adopting a number of solutions to keep up with this explosion of customer data and better capture and correlate user behavior.

Two common solutions brands are leveraging to collect, house and analyze all of this customer data are Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW) and Data Lakes.

An Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a repository where structured data goes to rest. The data in an Enterprise Data Warehouse is collected and organized according to a pre-built and rigid (schema-on-write) models based on particular uses of that data. Data in an Enterprise Data Warehouse is well organized, structured and detailed.

A Data Lake (DL) is a repository where unstructured data goes to rest. Data Lakes were created to handle the “big data” aspects of the martech industry. The data in a Data Lake is acquired through various sources (eg: data from social, video, text, etc.) and then pushed into a Data Lake through multiple channels in an unstructured (schema-on-read) model. The result is stored data that is unorganized, inefficient and is hard to both act on and access. The benefit of this approach is that multiple stakeholders with different roles can access the same shared set of data for different reasons. Whereas an EDW approach involves a great deal of planning to present data schemas precisely as required for every stakeholder, a Data Lake makes no such assumptions and provides the raw set of data for any user that wishes to access it. This is an ideal approach when Data Analysts are working with large volumes of “Big Data”, since data is not required to be structured in a predetermined manner — the queries representing the Analyst’s insights are what eventually form the schema.

“The purpose of an Enterprise Data Warehouse is to efficiently combine all the different pieces of incoming data in an organization to provide better analytical capabilities for greater insights”
– Ted Sfikas, Director, Solutions Consultants NA and LATM Tealium

Ready To Integrate Your EDW Or Data Lake With Tealium? We’re Here To Help!
Tealium’s solution consultants are knowledgeable and ready to help you strategize your data integration plan today:

Make Your EDW or Data Lake More Powerful And Actionable By Pairing It With Tealium

Stop wasting money by having to retroactively clean data and maintain costly integrations for your data warehouse and instead pair your current data enterprise solution with Tealium’s Customer Data Hub to experience key benefits such as:

  • Clean and unified data at the point of creation
  • Real-time action on real-time data
  • Robust and seamless integrations with over 1300+ marketing technologies

“Tealium helps feed rich event level and visitor level data to a Data Warehouse or Data Lake in real-time so that businesses can gain insights on and engage with visitors in real-time”
– Nik Sojitra, Solutions Consultant, Tealium

While both EDW and Data Lakes allow for the storage and analysis of data, they each come with their own set of unique challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Data that isn’t able to be acted on
  • Multiple teams end up working on different sets of data that don’t have real-time data capabilities
  • Delays in triggering campaigns
  • Inconsistent customer experiences
  • Increased costs to the business to maintain and connect their solution of choice to other technologies and integrations

Key Benefits:

Cleansed and unified data at the point of collectionTealium collects customer data based on the data layer nomenclature your company has defined in advance. This results in data that is collected, correlated and curated in a specific and detailed way that your business can take action on.

Real-time action on real-time dataCompared to a traditional data warehouse where data is pushed and available only at the end of the day, Tealium introduces an immediate real-time capability. This capability is the result of Teailum’s approach to data collection, enrichment, and activation. Tealium separates the data from the application with its Data Layer, allowing systems to execute their functions while data is independently collected on any device, stitched together to form real-time profiles that are always up to date and enriched according to business rules, and then activated in real time across enterprise technologies that use it to perform necessary actions.

Fully orchestrated dataMost teams and departments work in silos, creating fragmented data sets that limit a company’s ability to resonate with an audience. To truly understand the customer and work with them in the most effective way, these silos must have the same data that is always up to date and unified. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub empowers you to connect your tools, teams, and technologies with universally-accessible, real-time customer data. You will have the ability not only to run and analyze reports between all of the solutions within your tech stack but also directly turn insights into action by automating data delivery to downstream systems.

Unified data that no longer sits in silosDepartments within your organization won’t have to work on different sets of fragmented data and technologies will be using the same unified dataset at all times. This results in a customer dataset that is trusted across the enterprise and allows for a precise audit trail of usage across the enterprise, ensuring that all systems are in sync. And because of Tealium’s unique integration with user devices, this dataset is also able to align a real-time user with a company’s systems in real-time.

Robust and seamless marketing technology integrationsWith over 1,000 turnkey integrations, the need for custom point-to-point coding for your enterprise data solution is significantly reduced. Tealium empowers your team members who may not have the expertise to complete more technical tasks, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and additional cost savings.

Reduced IT, operational and infrastructure maintenance costsWith minimal incremental costs in pairing your solution with Tealium’s Customer Data Hub, you will maximize the benefits, value, and overall ROI of your data storage solution initiatives. Because Tealium is a Hub that centralizes the integration effort to all technologies (including EDW and Data Lake), the need to independently integrate these technologies to each other is eliminated, and this ultimately extends the value of your investment with your Data Lake and EDW.

Turn Insights Into Action When Powering Your Enterprise Data Solution with Tealium

The amount, quality, and value of data are continuing to increase. For companies looking to stay ahead of the competition, the need for clean and correlated data at the point of creation is a must. Rather than buying technology after technology to keep up with the rapid influx of customer data you’re acquiring, partner with a solution that will help your business connect the data dots and drive the moments your customers are expecting your brand to provide.

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub Supercharges EDWs and Data Lakes

Tealium’s robust Customer Data Hub solution supercharges both Data Lakes and Enterprise Data Warehouses. Unlike an Enterprise Data Warehouse or a Data Lake, our technology is real-time in every sense of the word as it acquires clean data in real-time, can be pre-programmed to react to data in real-time and makes data actionable in real-time.

Tealium complements your enterprise data solution allowing for governed data collection and enrichment, orchestrates actions based on business rules, and ultimately, allows a business to programmatically define the formation of a customer profile in an automated fashion.

Take advantage of your brands greatest competitive advantage (Data!) when pairing your Enterprise Data Warehouse or Data Lake with Tealium today!

Ready To Integrate Your EDW Or Data Lake With Tealium? We’re Here To Help!
Tealium’s solution consultants are knowledgeable and ready to help you strategize your data integration plan today: