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Collect and measure 1st party data from a central API Hub, then orchestrate across your tech stack for targeting and analysis

Lay the Foundation For Your Entire Data Supply Chain

1st Party Data
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Solve 3rd Party Cookie Deprecation

Create a 1st Party Data Foundation

1st party data can be collected and delivered in two different ways — client-side (browser) and cloud-based delivery (server-side). With the number of devices and channels generating data, brands need both capabilities to create a common foundation across disparate channels and technologies. As part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub, EventStream’s cloud data collection and activation functionality enables brands to have unparalleled control over their 1st party data.

Robust and Lightweight Data Collection, Minimize SDKs

Customers expect value from any experience in seconds, especially on mobile devices. That’s why server-side management of data is so important— it comes with performance benefits. Mobile apps need to be fast, stable and use the network as little as possible. With a lightweight client, the vendor-specific logic to record events can be done server-side to streamline data delivery by removing vendor tags from your visitor’s browser for enhanced performance. This is also ideal for desktop and web experiences where efficiency is critical.

Simple to Use, Intuitive Interface

Quickly and easily orchestrate cloud data collection from any source to activation in any destination. Integrate your entire technology stack with easy-to-use tools enabling data integration at the click of a button. The EventStream API Hub is particularly valuable for data collection and activation on mobile and connected device applications where processing power is limited.

Directly Measure and Use 1st Party Data to Close the Gap

With the targeting intelligence and measurement power of 3rd party cookies going away due to Apple and Google browser changes, 1st party data can help close the gap. Directly measure 1st party event data with EventStream and deliver it to vendors like Facebook, Google, Tiktok, and more to still target your customers with personalized offers.

EventStream, in combination with its suite of products, can remove any Personal Health Information (PHI) or Personal Identifying Information (PII) from your analytics and ensure your data analytics is protected and HIPAA compliant. Their platform is a game-changer for our data analytics. Mark M. Optimization and Personalization Analyst, Enterprise company

There are a few things that are great about this product for marketers:
1) It enables you to remove some of the heavy tags from the client-side and instead, fire those serverside.
2) The management of the data that you collect is extremely easy and robust.
3) The tool is flexible enough to do almost anything you want.
Administrator in Security and Investigations Enterprise company

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