Customer Data Hub: Fuel Your Customer Data Strategy

 In Customer Centricity

Today’s digital marketers struggle to achieve a true, comprehensive view of their customers. This is often the result of using, on average, over 20 different marketing technologies (MarTech)—each collecting individual sets of customer data. These various technologies weren’t developed with the purpose of actually working together, talking to each other or sharing data. So even though there is an enormous amount of data and information at their fingertips, it all resides in silos—resulting in fragmented data sets and customer profiles. Worse yet, because the data remains unconnected, it’s hard to truly measure marketing performance and understand what strategies and tools are working.

This disjointed MarTech world we live in also requires marketers to build separate strategies and audiences across each one of these 20+ tools and vendors. A frustrating process that isn’t sustainable or scalable. Marketers focus so much time segmenting individually across these complex technologies, they have gotten away from the core of doing what they love to do, and do best—creating amazing, revenue-generating campaigns and enhancing the customer journey.

And what about the customer data that other teams in your organization have collected? Do marketers have ongoing access to the data from the Customer Experience team? Are they using the same data set that the Business Intelligence team is using to analyze and build insights? If the answer to these questions is no, how can your organization really achieve the goal of a unified customer profile?

Watch Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Calavas, share how the Tealium Customer Data Hub empowers digital marketers to ensure every team in your company and every MarTech vendor you work with share the same, unified customer data set and business language. Enabling marketers to get back to doing what they were hired for—to create and drive the most immersive, valuable and performance-driven experiences for your customers.

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