There are many new opportunities available to sports and entertainment companies implementing a CDP. Fans are heading back into auditoriums for the experiences they crave and have missed for the last two years – concerts, sporting events, you name it, they want it. But these fans also want an elevated customer experience in alignment with the digital transformation they’ve come to know through the pandemic. 

So how can sports and entertainment companies meet this new fan fervor with success? By utilizing a customer data platform to gain greater audience insights and activating campaigns that engage your fans in real-time. 

Your first step is to attend Digital Velocity ’22: The Ultimate Sports & Entertainment CX Event.

Digital Velocity ’22

The Ultimate Sports & Entertainment CX Event

Tuesday, May 10th 

9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

Attendees will hear from industry experts on how to power the CDP for sports and entertainment specifically, including how to:

  • Achieve a single view of your fans
  • Optimize ad spend for cost savings
  • Employ sophisticated data collection and privacy strategies  
  • Create amazing acquisition, retention, and loyalty campaigns
  • See a complete and consistent view of your fans
  • Use customer behavior to create real-time fan experiences

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Beyond the event, sports and entertainment companies implementing a CDP should also follow these best practices.

5 Best Practices for Sports and Entertainment Companies Implementing a CDP

1. Prioritize your business objectives.

What do you want your CDP to do for you? Before you can identify any use cases, you have to analyze where your business is at currently and where you want it to go. Are you looking to increase your fan / subscriber base? Are you looking to expand into new revenue generating models? Or are you interested in improving your conversion rates? Get started successfully by clarifying your destination.

2. Select the use case that fits your goals.

Now that you’ve landed on a destination, you can select the use cases to get there. Use your CDP to track, identify and segment visitors into different audiences, creating a comprehensive view of each customer, which will then allow you to send fans personalized ticket packages and offers. Integrate with your CRM to increase reach and customer journey engagement, and reduce homepage bounce rates. There are hundreds of use cases available – you just need to pick the right one for your organization!

3. Focus on real-time engagement.

With the number of people attending live events still climbing back to pre-pandemic levels, real-time digital engagement has become increasingly important. Mix and match data from many data sources to create a world-class real-time fan experience. Use customer insights in real-time across the sales, marketing, support tools in your tech stack to drive better engagement. Retarget fans in the right moment to further engagement and customer lifetime value. Real-time = real rewards for you and your fans.

4. Integrate mobile data for a true view of your fan.

Mobile is a key data source and destination for the sports and entertainment industry implementing a CDP, but it also can’t be siloed. It needs to be integrated across all other devices, platforms and channels to have true clarity of your fanbase. Bring data from mobile, IoT devices, and streaming services and then unify that data with online sources to create a fully correlated data set. Mobile integrations operationalize mobile data and activate the value of your customer data foundation.

5. Stay flexible (good for athletes and your data practices)!

Using a vendor neutral CDP will allow you to integrate with data sources across your entire ecosystem, no matter what the data source may be. Web, mobile, customer experience data, CRM data, purchase history… it is all critical to a true customer 360. Incorporating all the data schema you want will give you the flexibility you need for ultimate success. A flexible CDP means no cramps at the goal line here!

For more information on how to unlock new opportunities for sports and entertainment companies implementing a CDP, make sure to attend Digital Velocity ’22 The Ultimate Sports & Entertainment CX Event, Tuesday, May 10th at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET. 

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