Authored By Tealium Partners: Nick Bennett, President, and Adam Hill, Implementation Specialist, Napkyn Analytics

Data layers have been used for years as a means for driving sophisticated tag management deployments. Today’s leading enterprise marketing and IT professionals have evolved to also regard the data layer as a strategic business asset, and as a way to drive major digital transformation initiatives.

Here are 6 key ways to use a data layer well beyond tag management:

Governance & Data Control
As a documented definition of what data is being collected, the data layer helps an enterprise govern consistency and quality through changes to infrastructure, tagging, and the evolution of user experience.

Internal & External Policy Compliance
As an auditable structure that defines the digital data that is shared across IT and Marketing, the data layer plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with internal and external policies by tracing the exposure of data across the martech pixels onsite, and in defining layers of acceptable data.

Infrastructure Transformation  
User experience redesigns, code refactorings, and technology platform migrations are highly disruptive enterprise transformation initiatives where there are strong expectations to prove value and success. A data layer can be a code-independent means of driving onsite tests, and demonstrating post-transformation success.

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Setting Up Data Layer 2.0
A hosted data layer is a foundation for expanded data collection at all stages of a user experience, as it can be enriched with server and cloud-based insights to drive more sophisticated and integrated analysis.

Next-Generation Data Practices Using CDP & Machine Learning  
Leveraged alongside a CDP, the data layer can be used to capitalize on first party data in order to build a single view of the customer. Aided by machine learning, real time data collected during an experience can also be prepared and used to drive real time marketing and onsite experiences.

Personalization & Testing
The data layer can act as both the source of data for driving test and personalized experiences, as well as the target for data about those experiences, recording a user’s exposure to a test of personalized experience within a session for future analysis.

Napkyn Analytics and Tealium work together on large-scale programs for enterprise customers including tier one retail, eCommerce, lead generation, and CPG brands.  

Napkyn Analytics supercharges Tealium technology to help top brands execute a transformative data layer with sophisticated data-stitching techniques and strategies. The two teams collaborate where there is a need for enterprise-level guidance and support through tag management, and where there is a long-term, executive-driven vision to leverage world-class analytics infrastructure to drive more sophisticated data integration and personalization programs.

Want to get the most value out of your data layer with your enterprise? Register for our webinar on 3/22 with Tealium & Napkyn on “The Data Layer: A Catalyst For Digital Transformation.” 

As always – you can contact Tealium to learn more about The Customer Data Hub and Tag Management solutions and Napkyn Analytics for an executive consultation on deploying a customized data layer solution for your enterprise.

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