Your Data is Crap: Take Control of Your Data Quality Issues

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Author: Joe Christopher, VP of Analytics, Blast Analytics & Marketing

Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference is known for providing inspiring keynotes, value-packed session content from top brands and a plethora of engaging networking opportunities for savvy digital analysts, marketers, developers and data technologists. Partners, customers and Tealium experts will be hosting a series of intimate roundtable discussions at Digital Velocity New York City April 4-5, 2018 on topics around transforming customer experiences, the power of data and so much more.

Tealium is excited to have Joe Christopher, VP of Analytics, Blast Analytics & Marketing, host a roundtable on ‘Your Data is Crap: Take Control of Your Data Quality Issues.’

If you feel like you don’t trust your data, there’s probably a good reason. It happens all the time; companies implement analytics, and then further customize their solutions, without ever auditing the implementation to ensure ongoing data accuracy.

This leads to variable inaccuracies, gaps in tracking, and — even worse — information that’s simply missing.

The whole point of data is to provide reliable information on which you can base crucial business decisions. Inaccurate data can lead you down the wrong path, costing you additional resources to reverse bad decisions that could have been avoided.

In this DVNYC data quality focused roundtable session, Joe Christopher will take a deep dive into 3 key principles around improving your data quality assurance:

Data Quality Matters

Web analytics, app analytics, advertising, testing tools, data management platforms and tag management systems are only as good as the data they process.

Data Quality Can Be Measured & Improved

Compared to the cost of traditional quality assurance processes and the risk associated with bad digital data, you can’t afford not to deploy data quality assurance measures. Automated data monitoring/crawling saves time and removes potential human error.

Improved Data Quality Increases ROI

Consistently complete, correct, and compliant data improves the return on investment of your entire digital marketing technology stack, in part by drastically reducing man-hours spent on manual QA.

Digital Velocity New York City, April 4-5th, will be one of the most talked about digital conferences of the yearand you don’t want to miss the roundtables.

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