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This year, we’re back with a fantastic line up of industry leaders and disruptive innovators at Tealium’s 2022 Digital Velocity APAC event! Digital Velocity is the leading global CX event that sets the stage for CX trends in the year ahead.

Tealium has identified 8 core trends that will transform the future of customer experience in a global data economy. From resolving the personalisation-privacy paradox to powering competitively differentiated CX, each Digital Velocity session will uncover how leading companies have overcome key strategic challenges to gain a competitive edge.

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Here’s why each Digital Velocity session will strike the right chord to satisfy your CX transformation needs:

Session 1: CDP and DMP: A Complementary Duo for Hyper-Personalised CX

CX personalisation at scale requires a technology blueprint designed for performance. Hear from Clement Tsang (Managing Director, Annalect) and Anand Chandran (Senior Customer Success Architect, Tealium) on how the CDP and DMP duo can activate real-time data-rich insight for meaningful CX in the moments that matter most.

Session 2: State of the CDP, APAC: CX Innovation in a Privacy-First World

The global marketplace is experiencing an unparalleled structural shift, providing an exciting opportunity for disruptive data-led CX innovation. Hear from Marie-Louise Dalton (VP, Marketing, APJ, Tealium) and Matt Parisi (Director, Product Marketing, Tealium) on why CDPs are vital to harnessing data for economic benefit, alongside the criteria for successful CDP adoption.

Session 3: 2022 Forrester TEI of CDP: Real-Time Personalisation with Right-Time Data Activation

Tealium’s 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact of CDP report quantifies the economic benefits of CDP adoption. Ben Wightman (APJ Lead, Strategic Business Value Engineering, Tealium) shares the report’s key findings to build the business case for CDP adoption, whilst realising the economic value of data as a commodity.

Session 4: Designing the Org of the Future in a Data Economy

The org of the future requires transformational change and workforce reskilling to meet the demands of the global data economy. Hear from Monique McMahon (Marketing Manager, Meridian Energy) and Ben Desailly (Head of Advisory, The Lumery) on how to create the org of the future and propel innovation from within.

Session 5: Powering Data-Driven CX Innovation with Retail Partners

Building a network of ecosystem partners is now essential to scale data-driven CX. Gain insight from Fahad Najeeb (Head of Data Platforms & Engineering, Latitude Financial Services) on how to build a sophisticated data-driven retail ecosystem that elevates the customer experience, while promoting consumer financial wellbeing.

Session 6: The Personalisation-Privacy Paradox: How Kmart’s Consent-First CX Unlocked Innovation

Privacy by design is the foundation of consumer trust. Hear from Photi Orfanidis (Architect – Marketing & Loyalty Technologies, Kmart) and Frederik De Keukelaere (Principal, Deloitte Digital) on how Australia’s most recognisable retailer, Kmart, created consent-as-a-service to meet evolving regulatory demands, whilst honouring consumer privacy preferences.

Session 7: Building Digital DNA to Future-Proof Financial Enterprises 

A perfect storm of macroeconomic factors has created widespread disruption in the financial services industry. Gain insight from Anny Huang (Head of Digital Business, NTUC Income), Yuuka Hama (Senior Marketing Manager, Household Capital) and Mitchell Watson (General Manager, Research & Insights, Canstar) on why a first-party data strategy is paramount to leap ahead of the competition and cement CX leadership.

Session 8: Tealium x Braze: Powering Competitively Differentiated CX

Brands now win the market on the new battleground of customer experience. Hear from Christopher Fennell (Co-Founder of North Star and Partner at Braze) and Nick Dennis (VP, Solution Consulting, APJ) on how Braze x Tealium’s best-of-breed tech stack powers competitively differentiated CX.

We’ve given you a snapshot of what’s in store during Digital Velocity APAC 2022! Learn the trends shaping the future of CX and elevate your data-driven experience strategy to new heights.

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Anna is the Head of Product & Content Marketing, APJ at Tealium

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