Customer Experience

You like keeping your customers happy.

But technical constraints hinder your ability to do so.

As professionals that work hard to create positive customer experiences, you enjoy solving problems and creating solutions that enable your customers to succeed. But what you love to do is often sidelined by unconnected data that doesn’t show you a clear, cohesive view of your customers.   

Tealium wants to let you do what you do best.

Our mission is to help customer experience teams get back to their core purpose, while allowing them to embrace data, technology, and change. We do this by providing unfettered access to your complete customer data to help you understand your customers’ needs and what experiences impact your relationship.


Get your data in order

It all starts with data, and for many, that means tags. Tealium’s approach to data starts with the Universal Data Layer where you develop a data roadmap that unites all of your vendor technologies with common definitions in your nomenclature. From there, your data is collected at the point of creation across web, mobile, IoT, and connected devices, resulting in efficiencies and better customer experiences.

Own your data to fuel deeper customer insights

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub provides a central location for implementing every vendor, managing data collection and enrichment, building omnichannel profiles and consolidating data for your business. This means every vendor you have works with the same customer data and shared business language, ensuring consistent customer experiences and greater efficiency throughout the organization.


Create audiences and automate actions in real-time

In AudienceStream, you can create audiences and segment once across your entire ecosystem of technologies. Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior by stitching together unknown and known profiles to provide all teams with a complete set of actionable online and offline interaction data. Create better customer experiences across every channel and customer touchpoint by leveraging a single, universal profile with over 1,000 integrations with digital marketing, advertising, customer experience, and business intelligence applications.


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