Privacy & Data Security

You want to protect your organization and your customers.

But your teams and vendors are too liberal with data.

You are at the forefront and the work you do is critical to protecting the business. While the Marketing and Customer Experience teams are collecting an enormous amount of customer data, in most cases, they are also the sole teams managing the numerous vendor relationships that utilize and take action on that data. As the team in charge of keeping your customer’s data safe, you see the entire picture, big and small, and how it is evolving. You realize the lack of organizational alignment and transparency on how data is being collected, where it is going and who is using that data, introducing security and legal risks like never before.

Tealium wants to let you do what you do best.

As new laws and large financial penalties emerge and evolve around data privacy, having the Tealium Customer Data Hub builds confidence in your business’ ability to appropriately and legally manage data. Tealium empowers your team to develop clear and direct policies for data collection, allowing you to effectively govern your customer data.


Get your data in order

It all starts with data, and for many, that means tags. Tealium’s approach to data starts with the Universal Data Layer where you develop a data roadmap that unites the data from all of your vendor technologies. From there, you’re able to protect your data and privacy by developing clear policies for data collection and handling to reduce security vulnerabilities.

Protect your business like never before

  • Develop clear, more effective policies for data collection
  • Effectively govern data with robust privacy control features and granular vendor management capabilities
  • Provide a turnkey solution enabling marketers to gain consent from users to opt in to marketing programs
  • Ensure global data protection, security and privacy through organizational alignment 

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