3 Savvy Ways to Follow the Golden Rule of Data

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The Golden Rule of life is to treat others how you want to be treated, right? That same logic should definitely apply to data. In thinking about how you’d want to be treated, or in this instance, how your customers would want their data to be treated – are you handling it in a way that Grandma would support— or even understand? 

We’re here to help you make Grandma proud with 3 simple ways to start being kinder and cooler with your customer data practices. 

1. Tell the Story of How You’re Using Their Data

This means exactly what it sounds like: tell your customers how you plan on using their data (in other words, be transparent). Not only will this help your customer trust your brand more it will create an open value exchange. 

When customers understand why you’re collecting their data, they are more likely to accept your terms in return for that personalized experience. You know that your company can use customer data to recommend more content in a particular topic they might like or provide them with a certain discount code based on browsing behavior – but if they don’t understand that because you’re not sharing that with them, they’ll be less likely to agree to provide that information.

2. Update Your Privacy Policies

While this may seem like a simple copy edit at first this is no easy feat – but we can assure you the benefit far outweighs the complexity of it. Consumers are overwhelmed, confused and sometimes even scared when it comes to knowing what brands are doing with their data. And when they try to understand the complex legalese behind a lot of companies’ privacy and data usage policies? Forget it, they just throw their hands up in the air and unsubscribe or don’t even engage. 

By rewriting your privacy policies in a concise, straightforward and easy to understand manner you’re not only going to be showcasing your brand as trustworthy – you will be improving customer trust yet again by showing you have nothing to hide. 

In fact, according to our recent consumer research on consumers’ views towards privacy in today’s age, 72% said they would be more likely to read these policies if they were shorter. Does that surprise you? Would you want to read a two page, lengthy, hard to understand policy about what your favorite brand is doing with your data? Exactly. 

Our survey found that 61% would read them if they were straightforward and 45% of consumers want to see examples of how their data is used. That’s all the proof we need to know it’s what brands need to do!

3. Eliminate Data Silos

Disconnected data means disconnected experiences. And disconnected data stems from having multiple silos – albeit between departments, tools, and more. Not only are data silos ruining all the hard work your brand is doing to create the experiences your customers have come to rely on, they also pose a huge data security risk. 

Customers are relying on organizations to be good stewards of their data and it’s up to all of us to show them we’re making it a top priority. 

Following the Golden Rule of Customer Data and being kind with it will not only make the experiences you’re providing to your customers flourish, you might just notice it makes their loyalty and retention with your brand grow. 

And hey, being kind to others is pretty cool too. 

Learn more about what consumers think about data privacy and what you can do to make consumers trust your brand!

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