Tealium Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) Partner Ecosystem

Solutions for data collection and real-time activation for Cloud Data Warehouses like Snowflake, AWS, and more

Introduction to CDW Integrations

Scale the value of AI, Customer 360, Analytics and other data initiatives housed in your Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) with Tealium. CDWs are the center of gravity for customer data in the enterprise, but need a real-time, agile, consented complement for collection, enrichment, and activation. By complementing your CDW with Tealium, organizations gain agility and are more effectively able to leverage data to improve customer experience.

Tealium Augments Your CDW Capabilities

Consent and Privacy Layer for CDW
Data Collection
Data Preparation and Quality
Real-time Data Activation

Use Consented Profiles to Honor Privacy and Regulatory Requirements

Collect consent signals, send them to the warehouse, and automate enforcement of consent prior to activation across the ecosystem

  • Consented Profiles - Build real-time profiles with the context of consent to reduce risk and build trust

  • Consent Integrations - Integrations with all major CMPs to inherit consent signals, or collect consent directly with Tealium

Stream or Batch Customer Data to Populate Data Warehouses

Flexible options for populating cloud data warehouses with real-time data to fuel C360, AI, Analytics, or other data initiatives

  • Event Data Framework - Collect device-based and cloud-based data about real-time customer engagement and stream to CDWs

  • DataAccess - Capture the complete dataset created by Tealium to use in your CDW for other applications

  • Customer Data Platform w/ Predictive Analytics - Build customer profiles with predictive insights that can be augmented with CDW data for real-time activation

Minimize Post-processing by Transforming Data at Collection

Manage data quality before it enters the warehouse to save time and improve reliability of experiences driven by data

Activate Warehouse Data in the Moment, Updated w/Real-time Context

  • Warehouse Data Sources - Directly connect with major CDWs to ingest data for real-time activation as it’s available in the CDW

  • Data Connect - Automate data ingestion from warehouses (and other systems) into Tealium for real-time activation

  • Audience Segmentation UI and Connectors - Use Tealium’s Audiences feature for real-time segmentation and activation through our integration marketplace

  • File Import - Schedule imports of batched data according to your strategy for activation in the moment during engagement

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Benefits of Tealium’s Cloud Data Warehouse Ecosystem


Build the Most Composable, Agile Tech Stack Possible - CDWs are rife with data that can make a huge difference for CX, but typically have real-time and accessibility limitations. Tealium makes your tech stack, including your CDW, more accessible and more real-time.


Scale the Value of CDW Investments in AI, Customer 360, Analytics - Get more data to inform analysis of CDW data, and activate the results with a well-integrated, real-time CDP.


Align Martech to Enterprise IT Strategy - Harmonize your cloud data warehouse to customer engagement technology and vice versa.


Real-time Activation - When all data needs to flow through the CDW first, real-time CX isn’t as rich as it could be, missing opportunities to convert critical moments.


Real-time Data Source - Tealium can collect and stream customer engagement data in real-time to CDWs for further analysis and processing.

Benefits of Tealium’s Cloud Data Warehouse Ecosystem


Better Manage Privacy and Security - Consented customer profiles from Tealium filter data from being collected or activated when it shouldn’t be.


Better Collaboration Across Technical and Business Teams - Get extra flexibility and visibility to align business and technical teams on using data for CX.


Save Time Maintaining Integrations - Offload repetitive and time consuming maintenance requirements with 1300+ pre-built integrations.


Clean and Standardize Data at Collection, not After - Automate high quality data flows to CDWs to increase operational efficiency and minimize downstream issues.


Enable Data Minimization Strategies - Evaluate data as it’s collected in real-time and only pass the data you want to the CDW, not all of it.

Key Use Cases For Getting Started with CDW Ecosystem


Real-time Activation from Customer 360, AI, Analytics and Other Initiatives

Cloud Data Warehouses are the richest source of historical and analytical customer data, providing key insights to inform customer interactions. With a real-time CDP complement, this data can be staged and combined or triggered with real-time insights for activation across customer touchpoints. Automate activation of insights from AI, C360, Analytics, and other initiatives.


Populate CDW With Well-Prepared, Real-time Engagement Data

Data is the lifeblood of Cloud Data Warehouses. Especially data that’s ready to hit the ground running and requires minimal post-processing. Tealium’s data collection footprint and data-first approach means that it is an ideal data source for real-time, consented customer engagement data across a broad set of use cases like AI, Customer 360, Analytics initiatives, and more.


Layer Consent and Preferences Into Data Flows

Building trust with customers is one of the biggest business opportunities in the market today. And one of the best ways to build trust is to honor customer privacy and preferences. Tealium’s data collection and processing of data is all managed in the context of customer consent and preferences, ensuring that data is only used when appropriate.

Driving Value With Cloud Data Warehouses for the World’s Most Innovative Enterprises

“AudienceStream helps us stitch together interactions so we have a single view of the customer and their portfolio. When an event such as an application for a cash advance is triggered we can store it in our data warehouse and consolidate it with other activities and events to gain a complete view.”

Eric Fung,
Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit

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