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As AI Models Become Commoditized,
Data is Your Key Differentiator

The Challenge
Why Does It Matter?
Tealium Can Help

AI Requires Good Data

The impact of Generative AI on productivity is fueling the prioritization of AI and ML initiatives. Models and AI infrastructure are commoditized, and the availability of skilled resources is growing. The last key ingredient for success is the availability of consented, prepped and filtered data for training, tuning, and running the models. Setting up a data collection layer with flexibility, governance, and control is imperative, and remains complex and fragmented. The requirements for compliance and transparency in AI are amplified in regulated industries.

Data Drives Differentiation

Businesses have access to the same models, tools, and resources to fuel their AI initiatives. It is their unique first-party data and how it is used to deliver the right customer experience that sets them apart. Businesses with a flexible, consented, and centralized data layer, have a head start. The only way to take advantage of machine learning and AI is to have the data and related pipelines set up to connect to the AI infrastructure and the rest of the organization. For regulated industries, this helps manage the risk and exposure, while providing a governed path to AI success.

Tealium for AI Brings You the Right Data at the Right Time

With Tealium for AI, businesses can:

  • Dramatically improve the time to model and value

  • Apply data preparation, transformation and encryption to incoming data for immediate data availability

  • Directly send consented, organized, and filtered data in real-time to major AI platforms

  • Provide a real-time activation engine for AI insights and scores

  • Integrate AI models and platforms with the rest of your marketing tools

  • Reduce risk by blocking any non-consented or non-compliant data from AI models

Tealium for AI Product Spotlight

Tealium for AI enables businesses to fuel their AI initiatives with high-quality, consented, filtered data in real-time, and bring the results to any part of the customer journey. Breaking down silos, reducing data latency and fueling instant activation to help businesses own each moment that matters.

Tealium for AI: Collection

Tealium for AI Collection ensures that AI models – internal or external – have the right data at the right time. It is a robust and enterprise-ready set of tools designed to collect, standardize, enrich, and stream clean and trusted customer data to any AI platform including all major clouds.

Tealium for AI: Activation

Tealium for AI Activation is a modern, highly composable platform designed to activate AI insights and outputs. Providing several activation methods gives customers an extensible toolkit for different scenarios - from real-time AI outputs, to targeted audiences, and batch-based lists, you can activate AI models in any tool or channel.

Tealium for AI - Partnerships

Tealium for AI combines strategic technology integrations and partnerships in order to connect AI initiatives with the rest of the enterprise. You can work with foundational technologies like Sagemaker and Bedrock from AWS, integrate seamlessly with models or data from Snowflake or Databricks, or leverage your data and AI initiatives in Google or Azure - all in real-time.

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Build a Flexible, Consented Data Foundation for the AI Future

Boundless Flexibility
Consented Control
Real-time by default

Schemaless architecture unlocking multiple data strategies

Tealium is schemaless by default, allowing for customized data definitions and models, to ensure every AI initiative is fueled by the perfect data.

  • Data Layer Definition - Define data strategy in your business language (not ours) and unify vendor data to your standards

  • Event Data Framework - Collect device-based and cloud-based data about real-time customer engagement, map it to your data model and immediately make it available to your AI initiatives

  • Data Modeling with Identity Resolution - Collect data, modeled to your definition of a customer as it’s collected, no manual or ad hoc wrangling needed

End-to-end consent and governance controls to reduce risk and increase peace of mind.

Collect consent signals, coordinate enforcement of consent prior to activation across AI initiatives using privacy by design principles.

  • Consented Profiles - Build real-time profiles with the context of consent to reduce risk and build trust

  • Consent Integrations - Integrations with all major CMPs to inherit consent settings and collect consent directly with Tealium

  • Consent Orchestration - Coordinate enforcement to ensure consent policies and rules are honored for all data activated, and reduce leakage by blocking data for any missed settings

Collect, process, and activate customer data in real-time

Tealium is real-time across the entire data supply chain, not just a piece of it

  • 1300+ Integration Marketplace - have the flexibility and choice to leverage any tool as a real-time data source or the final step in delivering the best experience in the moment

  • Patented Real-time Visitor Stitching - combine data from multiple sources, including identity partners like TradeDesk and Neustar, in real-time

  • Activate Batched Data in Real Time When You Need - create a real-time complement to your existing tools, and leverage batch data sources like CDWs for real-time activations when needed.

Benefits of Consented Data for AI


AI leverages customer data to provide tailored experiences. By analyzing past behavior, preferences and interactions, AI can make recommendations, predictions, and scores that form the basis of personalization at scale.

Time to Insights

Data collection and analysis can uncover trends and insights about customer behavior and preferences, informing strategic decisions, and helping businesses better align their offerings with customer expectations. Trusted, clean, and organized data at the source, ensures time is spent leveraging insights rather than wrangling sub-par data.

Competitive Advantage

Companies that effectively use consented data for AI to enhance customer experience gain a competitive advantage. Customers are more likely to choose businesses that provide personalized, efficient, responsive services while treating personal data with care.

Improved Recommendations

AI-driven recommendation engines use data to suggest relevant products or content, helping customers find what they want faster. This not only enhances user satisfaction but boosts sales and engagement.

Predictive Customer Support

AI can predict customer issues or needs based on historical data. This proactive approach enables companies to address potential problems before they escalate, thereby preventing customer frustration.

Product Development

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback and usage data can inform product development. This customer-centric approach ensures that products and services are designed to meet user needs, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined User Journeys

AI can analyze customer data to optimize user journeys on websites or apps. By identifying pain points or bottlenecks, AI can suggest improvements to navigation, layout, and information architecture, making the overall experience smoother and more delightful.

Retention and Loyalty

Personalized experiences, efficient support, and tailored offerings increase customer satisfaction, making them more likely to remain loyal to a brand and recommend it to others.

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