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Dive deep: The Role of the Customer Data Platform in Gaming lays out your strategy for earning player loyalty and trust with customer data

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Data Fuels Winning Customer Experiences

The Challenge
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The Players Paradox

In today's gaming industry, exciting new markets and games share the table with fierce competition and jumbled regulations.

How can operators offer each player a compelling experience, while confronting strict regulatory pressure, disjointed martech systems, and over-stretched marketing budgets?

It's a high-stakes environment; any compliance misstep can create risk ranging from fines to loss of license.

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Creating Exciting Customer Experiences

Facing those challenges, many just fold! Poorly targeted advertising and a generic playing experience yield very poor odds indeed.

Instead, with customer data that's reliable — and reliably governed — your gaming company can customize for every prospect and player. Think smart segmentation, timely promotions, and remembered player preferences. Results? Lower cost of acquisition and more engaged customers, while meeting regulatory demands with confidence.

Quality Data

Customer Data: The Progressive Jackpot

Tealium coordinates and orchestrates your full marketing data stack based on a unified bank of trusted, consistent customer data.

Our powerful, centralized data governance tools let you honor preferences and consent across all channels, and anonymize data to gather predictive insights. You get intelligent marketing, and players get more excitement and fun.

As you capture, enrich, and activate this data in real time, its value keeps going up. Even while you keep winning.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Gaming Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Gaming

Use real-time, unified data to reach new customers with timely and precise messaging, and create experiences that bring players back for more.

Delight Your Customers
Reduce Abandonment
Cross-channel, Cross-device Vision
Ensure Responsible Gaming
Increase Positive Engagement

Unify First Party Data

Win at each key lifecycle marketing point, from targeted advertising through loyal gameplay.

The Tealium Customer Data Hub was built from the ground up to empower businesses to create a unified customer data strategy and honor privacy, governance, and neutrality in real time.

Don't Lose to Abandoned Registration, Deposits, and Bets

Understand and re-engage new players with the most effective message, channel, and timing.

Know Your Players, Across Channels and Devices

Cross-channel, cross-device attribution, and user identification give you the power to personalize, no matter where and when your customers want to play.

Monitor Behavior; Support or Suppress Problem Gamblers

With Tealium, use audience- and conversion-based APIs to advertisers and networks and other partners to prevent misdirected messaging.

Then, protect your business and customers with real-time identity resolution and verification, plus intelligent behavioral insights. Spot illegal or fraudulent players; meet compliance requirements with confidence.

Become Your Gamers' Favorite Site, Table or Platform (or All of Those)

Every player is different! Build their enjoyment and engagement with awareness of bonuses and special interests such as teams and events based on past behavior. Activate accounts that still have a positive balance waiting for the right game.

Rank Group Increases Deposit Conversions for Digital Gamers


increase in deposit conversion for
digital gamers

By leveraging the Tealium Customer Data Hub, Rank Group was able to establish a single point for customer data collection, standardization, and activation across critical online and offline customer touchpoints. This resulted in increased revenues, better customer experience, and trusted analytics.

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data, now and tomorrow

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