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Compliance and personalization at odds? Learn how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) harmonizes these demands to win happy customers.

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Customer Data Puts Loyalty in the Bank

The Challenge
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Can You Make Change?

Consumers and businesses have so many options today, including direct banks. Why would they stick around for a clunky, disconnected customer experience (CX) from branch to contact center to digital?

Ahem, they won't. Switching is easier than ever.

Banks and credit unions have to do more than add new products. They must also overcome data silos to give each customer a no-friction, personal experience, while meeting regulatory demands.

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Best Banking Experience Pays Off

Compliance should be a foundation for building trust — not an excuse for bland and rigid CX.

Working together, marketers, data pros, and developers can smash silos and divine new customer insights, while protecting global privacy and compliance demands with geography-based controls.

Understanding customers, in turn, yields rewards like smarter ad spend, better retargeting, fewer abandoned mortgage applications, and more effective cross-selling.

Quality Data

Earn More Customer Loyalty With Tealium

Create meaningful customer connections with Tealium's CDP. Banking is a personal experience and your communication should be too. Precise segmentation and personalization helps your bank customers identify the right solutions for their unique needs.

And Tealium works with every tool in your current marketing tech stack. Lower your costs with targeted acquisition and improved self-service; build your revenue with greater loyalty and lifetime value.

Less churning, more earning.

How Tealium Powers the Entire Banking Customer Data Supply Chain

Diagram showing the CDP’s role in public sector services for collecting and acting on customer data

Tealium for Banking

Use real-time, unified data to drive timely and targeted messaging and create banking experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Waste Less, Win More
Secure More Mortgage Business
Customize Cross-Sells
Make ATMs Relevant Again
Reduce Compliance Risk

Perfect Your Ad Spend With Instant Activation (and Suppression)

Because Tealium enriches and activates data in real time, you can avoid displaying irrelevant ads to unlikely segments, and start sending the best message exactly when the customer is ready.

And the moment they sign up, your retargeting dollars can be retargeted elsewhere.

Personalize Recovery Campaigns for Abandoned Applications

Take audience segmentation to the next level of precision and insight. By understanding identity, behaviors, and lookalikes, you can change more applications from abandoned to accepted.

Personalize Your Cross-Sell Campaigns

Treat your customers like you know them (because you do)! Communicate new offers that complement what they already own and use, in the channels they prefer.

Increase Engagement and Campaign Offers at ATMs

Banking apps are great, but why should they get all the glory?

Tealium's CDP and EventStream superpower ATMs into smart and engaging customer touchpoints. Turn automated interactions into an extension of your personalized marketing campaigns.

Track Data Orchestration, Management & Activation Across Devices and Channels

Centralized data control means peace of mind for you. When all your tools work with a single, consistent source of trusted data, you can confidently honor privacy requests and other customer data requirements across your full martech stack.

ABN AMRO builds a “personal bank in a digital age” with a 360-degree customer view.


By assessing browsing behavior to create more effective personalized banners, ABN AMRO reached uplifts in click-through of up to 280% on owned channels with e-commerce propositions – without the need for complex data science models.


"With Tealium, we can make the most of the data our clients share with us. By using first-party data with our customers’ consent to build a 360-view, we can improve engagement by delivering more useful, personalized content while prioritizing their data privacy."

Bobby van Groningen, IT Engineering Lead at ABN AMRO
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Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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