E-Commerce Marketers: Escape the Holiday ‘Code Freeze’ with Tag Management

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To the list of examples of how tag management increases marketing agility, add another: escaping the traditional holiday ‘code freeze’ that many online retailers implement during the ever-critical holiday shopping season.

The ‘code freeze’ is essentially a company-mandated lockdown on any web site changes or improvements in order to minimize the risk of errors and downtime that might effect the smooth flow of online purchases. This typically happens during the holiday season.

Trying to change or introduce new code – for example, the JavaScript tag of a new digital marketing solution – during this critical period has been pretty much impossible. Until now, of course.

With the advent of new tag management solutions like Tealium, digital marketers can be much more agile and efficient, while still honoring the freeze. Marketers can now easily launch a new online solution or campaign to help accelerate holiday results without having to worry about being “frozen out”.

How is this possible? In Tealium’s case, the tag needed to make these changes is already baked into every page of the site, “pre-freeze.”

With our tag in place, digital marketers with the appropriate system rights can then add, edit or remove the tag of any digital vendor through an intuitive, web-based interface without ever asking developers to modify the pages again.

The Tealium tag is one of the most powerful in digital marketing, able to handle hundreds of vendor tags without a hiccup and without slowing down page speed (in fact, we help increase web site performance).

Using Tealium, marketers can now be more proactive in helping increase results during the most critical time of the year.

For example, they can easily launch a new site optimization solution or a retargeting campaign at a moment’s notice. They can add or change the data points they are collecting via their web analytics solution – without burdening IT, and without JavaScript expertise. (This last point about analytics agility is beautifully illustrated in a recent interview with Jason Paulsen of Avnet).

Tealium makes all of this easy via an intuitive, point and click interface that includes seamless, turnkey integration with more than 300 major online vendors. These vendor tags have been regression tested and are fully assimilated into the Tealium platform. Users simply click on a vendor logo, add some account details and other information, and click publish to deploy. This compares with other solutions that require ongoing IT assistance and JavaScript coding expertise.

In the past, e-commerce marketers have been restricted in their ability to launch new campaigns or solutions during the critical holiday season. Tealium frees them to act faster and more efficiently to help maximize sales during this important period.

Code freezes are important, but they don’t have to put your digital marketing on ice.

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