The new era of privacy has created complexity for organizations in every industry. It’s a given that today’s consumer expects true personalization from every business they interact with. At the same time, consumers are more conscious of their data privacy than ever. This apparent inconsistency between customer concerns over privacy and their actual online behavior and desires has been coined “the privacy paradox” by Gartner. 

If organizations can achieve a balance of privacy and personalization, it can turn into a huge advantage. Research by Accenture shows that 88% of consumers say companies that provide personalized experiences without compromising their trust are more appealing and can relate to their needs better than others.

However, marrying personalization efforts with privacy practices isn’t easy. Privacy teams may choose to manage data privacy with consent management platforms (CMPs) while marketers look to manage their customer data efforts through tag managers or a customer data platform (CDP). At Tealium, we’ve never believed that siloed data (or tools) gets you very far. 

That’s why we’ve added new extensions in Tealium iQ Tag Manager to help our customers bridge that gap by making it simple to integrate CMPs with Tealium ultimately enabling marketing and privacy teams to not only collect privacy preferences but also honor them across their stack. Our first out-of-the-box extension for CMPs in Tealium iQ Tag Management is for Usercentrics.  

Short on time? Watch the quick demo and UI tour below.

The problem

As I stated earlier, marrying personalization and privacy technologies isn’t easy. The options available today for integrating consent management technologies with tag managers require investing hours of work effort to enforce the end-user consent preferences, by creating load rules for each data processing service. As privacy technologies are mapped tag-by-tag and load rule by load rule, it only introduces more risk of error or more work anytime a new tag needs to be added. 

The solution

Tealium Extensions for CMPs provide an easy and automated way to get your consent and tag management tools talking. The new extensions simplify the setup process and walk users through each step, reducing the estimated time to integrate your CMP with Tealium from days to minutes. This all results in a few key benefits:

  • Simple, turnkey integration with Tealium iQ Tag Manager reduces manual integration work from days to minutes
  • Automatic scanning for data processors and mapping them to your tags (vendors) 
  • Elimination of custom code and load rules that could introduce risk due to human error

Which CMPs are available?

Today we’ve launched functionality for Usercentrics only, but we’re building more! Our approach has always been to enable you to work with the tools that you love. We are incredibly excited to see Usercentrics and Tealium customers take advantage of this new extension. Looking to dive a bit deeper? 

  1. Learn more about Extensions in Tealium iQ Tag Management 
  2. Head to the Tealium Community for a step-by-step setup guide!

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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