Data-Centric Tag Management

Why data is the foundation of enterprise tag management

Data-Centric Tag Management

Executive Summary

The rise of data-driven marketing has resulted in an influx of digital marketing vendors, all providing detailed ROI on their performance. In the data-driven marketing world, tags have become the data collection mechanism of choice. A tag is a small piece of JavaScript code, also known as a tracking pixel, that is placed on web pages in order to measure the performance of digital marketing programs or activities. Through tags, digital marketing vendors collect everything from the number of conversions, to the time of conversion, to specific visitor attributes (i.e., source of traffic), as well as detailed information about site events and transactions, (i.e. order value, products viewed, purchased, etc.).

With the proliferation of tag-based solutions, the need for tag management systems (TMS) has become an essential part of digital marketing. A TMS is a system through which organizations can deploy a single tag on their site, and using a management console, add, edit or remove any tag or pixel to their site without taxing their web development resources or going through lengthy IT release cycles.

There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to designing a TMS. The first is…

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