You want to build things and solve problems.

But you’re distracted by other teams’ mission-critical tasks.

As developers, you want to build things, solve complex problems, and see the impact of your work. But you’re often distracted by other teams’ mission-critical tasks. We get it – placing marketing’s tags and dealing with vendors is not what you want to be doing.

Tealium wants to let you do what you do best.

Our mission is to help developers get back to their core purpose, while allowing them to embrace data, technology, and change. We let you get back to what you were actually hired to do by giving the business users the ability to manage their vendors on their deadlines and based on their priorities. But we still give you oversight and control, and access to APIs so that you can share data and improve the customer experiences that you’re building.


Build more. Spend less time helping marketing.

  • Focus on new data and applications instead of being buried in mundane marketing tasks
  • Standardize data definitions across teams, technologies and vendors
  • Embrace agility and real-time response while maintaining data governance
  • Ensure global data protection, security and privacy compliance

Enterprise Tag Management

Collect and manage data and vendors across web, mobile, IoT and connected devices


Rich Data Services

Own all of your data to fuel
deeper customer insights


Omnichannel Segmentation and Action

Create real-time audiences
and automate actions


Calculate the Hidden Cost of Not Having
a Tag Management Solution


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