California Consumer Privacy Act: What it is, Why it Matters and How to Prepare

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect January 1, 2020 and is slated to be one of the toughest data privacy laws in the US. The law will expand and enforce the rights of California consumers in several new regulatory areas and businesses will be required to be extremely transparent about how they are collecting, using and disclosing their customers’ personal data.

This new privacy law reflects a global trend of the growing importance for brands to invest in data governance, security, orchestration and automation. Regulatory compliance is now equating to the quality of a company’s brand.

Like the recent GDPR law in the European Union, the CCPA reinforces the modern theme that operating a real-time, secure, and auditable platform for collecting, enriching and activating customer data has become mandatory – not only for compliance objectives, but also for new revenue and customer loyalty goals.

Watch to learn what the CCPA is and how it applies to your organization, as well as:
– Consumer rights under the CCPA
– Key requirements and compliance details
– The impact CCPA has on your company
– A strategic roadmap to CCPA compliance
– The role of a data supply chain in CCPA
– And so much more!

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