Customer experience for Healthcare was the essential focus of Digital Velocity ‘22: The Ultimate Healthcare CX Event on Thursday, May 12th! From how Covid-19 and CDP’s have changed the way the consumer interacts with healthcare, to what gaps we see forming between what patients want and what healthcare organizations are providing, the On Demand recording of Digital Velocity ’22: The Ultimate Healthcare CX Event covers it all. 

Here are the Top 5 Key Takeaways on Customer Experience for Healthcare in 2022

1. Select A HIPAA Compliant CDP 

While there are variations of HIPAA compliance that companies face, having a platform that understands your constraints and the guidelines you need to follow makes your life simpler. You should not have to worry your customer data vendor is taking all the necessary precautions to assure that you are operating legally. 

 “Companies like Tealium are able to understand the data and measure ways to track engagement in a HIPAA compliant way. It becomes something you can measure, like how many people are showing up to these virtual visits. Having platforms that are HIPAA compliant, where you can see these touch points and potentially gather data, is very valuable.” – Aimee Bios, Vp of Data and Analytics,  Zion and Zion 

2. Be Thoughtful About  Who and How You are Targeting 

Who you trust with your customer data is so important, and when you trust a vendor you are allowing them to represent a part of your organization. Especially in healthcare as patients are trusting that you will keep their personal information safe. Having a customer data platform that aligns with your mission for patient trust allows you to also better target your patients in ways that will change their lives for the better.

“If healthcare brands go about targeting the right way, with creating patient trust through the data, and who we are targeting and how we are targeting, we can change healthcare for the better. If we go about it the right way we can do a lot of good in this world.” – Andrea Walker, Senior Solutions Architect, Blast X

3. Start Small With Data Governance and Use Cases

It is easy to get caught up in all the big opportunities available through a CDP, however it is by starting small that real change happens. The first step in creating amazing customer experience for healthcare is to organize your data and then analyze it for the best use case to begin with. When you do select your first use case, keep it simple. Use cases can build on top of each other and successful use cases open the doors to other, new opportunities. 

“Start small and collect data for a specific hypothesis. Once you get your first good use case under your belt, you can expand what you are doing and looking at.” – Andrea Walker, Senior Solutions Architect, Blast X

“You need to unify your data before looking at it and creating a data dictionary and then you can analyze it. Then decide what you want to do, what you want to prove and then accelerate decision making, do not get stuck. You can start small, just don’t get stuck.” – Elizabeth Boudreau, International head of healthcare workforce development, AWS

4. Create Real-Time Patient Experiences 

Patients are not loyal to their healthcare providers unless they are satisfied with the care being provided – both in person and virtually. Having a high patient retention rate is dependent on having a seamless digital information distribution system that can only be produced through real-time CDP integrations. 

“In the world of Pharma there is a lag in getting data about prescriptions, but by using a CDP we were able to do this in real-time. That can then inform our other downstream activation channels.”- Drew Isaacs, Vice president of Marketing Operations, Novartis 

5. Focus on Data Quality and Consistency 

Having different data systems involved in your data governance can lead to a lot of disorganization, misinformation, and misunderstandings. In a sector such as healthcare, where you have people relying on you for their life and death, it is important to provide the care they need through accurate and up-to-date data that is consistent across all channels. 

“You have to begin documenting your data sources and how you are going to connect those data services. Building out those schemes beforehand and having the documentation of your data practices allows you to then work on the fun part, and let’s you further understand your consumers.” – Andrea Walker, Senior Solutions Architect, Blast X

Watch our On Demand recording of Digital Velocity ’22: The Ultimate Healthcare CX Event now for even more tips and trade secrets on creating amazing customer experience for Healthcare! And be sure to check out the rest of our Digital Velocity 2022 line-up for Retail, Financial Services, Sports & Entertainment, and Travel and Hospitality . Even if it’s outside your industry, there are still incredible insights and ideas to be discovered for powering up your CDP!

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Sophie Saddik Is the Content Marketing Intern at Tealium. She is currently studying at NYU with a concentration in English Literature and International Relations.

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