Join us at Digital Velocity APAC 2023, the premier digital, data and CX event, to learn how innovative businesses are lifting their data maturity to the next level. Learn more about each Digital Velocity APAC 2023 session below, and select your track to customise your event experience.

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Track 1 | CDP 101: Maximising the Value of CDP Adoption

Session 1 | From Data Chaos to Customer Clarity: How to Build a Strong Data Foundation with a Customer Data Platform

In a dynamic market, Tealium CDP offers modularity and customisability to integrate with an organisation’s existing data infrastructure. In turn, this enables the acceleration of time to value, and establishes the foundation from which to transform into a future-ready data-driven enterprise.

Join Shawn Lewis, data leader from New Zealand retailer, Countdown, as he shares the fundamental steps to yielding multifaceted business benefits from CDP adoption.

Session 2 | How to Survive, and Even Thrive, in Dynamic Times

Amid macroeconomic volatility, executives that can transform uncertainty into an innovation opportunity will fortify business resilience and accelerate competitive advantage.

In this session, hear from Forrester’s Tina Moffett regarding how to improve company health amid downturns and disruptions to thrive in a dynamic market.

Session 3 | The Future of First-Party Data and CAPI: How to Increase Efficient Marketing Performance 

In an economic downturn, marketers are simultaneously contending with budget cuts and increased targets. Accordingly, building a business resilience framework requires maximising cost-efficiencies to increase profitable growth.  

Join Todd Pasternack from Meta, as he shares how the world’s most innovative businesses leverage Tealium and Meta’s combined capabilities to streamline costs and boost bottom-line growth.

Track 2 | Insights to Impact: Designing Data-Driven Success

Session 1 | Insights to Impact: Designing Data-Driven Growth

In a global digital economy, minimising data liability and maximising data viability are key to accelerating data value. 

Join leading Australasian beverage company, Lion, and award-winning digital agency, AFFINITY, to learn how Tealium enables an iterative approach to data-driven digital transformation. By applying an agile methodology to transformation initiatives, Lion yielded the benefits of privacy-first data-driven growth.

Session 2 | Future-Proofing your Data Privacy and Compliance Efforts

The release of the Attorney General’s Privacy Act Review Report heralds a seismic shift in the Australian privacy landscape. Commercial viability is now predicated upon valid data collection, use and disclosure to enhance consumer welfare in the pursuit of data-driven innovation.

In this session, Tealium’s Ted Sfikas is joined by OneTrust’s Arshdeep Sood to discuss the imperative of people, process and technology alignment to a privacy-led data culture. Additionally, gain insight into implementing an effective privacy strategy that mitigates risk and accelerates customer-centric growth.

Session 3 | Data-Driven Growth: How to Drive Real Business Results with Data

Data is the currency of the global digital economy, and fundamental to digital markets’ productivity. Nevertheless, many organisations grapple with how to realise the economic benefits of data-driven innovation.

In this session, learn how AWS and Tealium have empowered leading global businesses to transform data into actionable intelligence to enable better business decisions and stronger returns.

Session 4 | The Convergence of AI with News, Politics and Trusted Customer Experiences

The rise of generative AI has compounded a pre-existing problem of proliferating misinformation in the public sphere. Yet, the obligation to fulfil journalistic ethics is paramount to the objective truth upon which democracy depends.

Join media industry veteran and Politico’s CTO, Jeremy Bower, as he shares how media companies can harness the benefits of AI, without compromising ethics and transparency in reporting.

Track 3 | The C-Suite CX Imperative: A New Vision for Growth

Session 1 | The Power of the CTO-CMO Collaboration

Transforming innovative technologies into profitable growth requires a robust collaboration between an organisation’s CTO and CMO. An increasingly important C-suite alliance, the CTO-CMO partnership is vital to delivering connected customer experiences that foster competitive differentiation.

In this session, Tealium’s Founder & CTO, Mike Anderson, joins Tealium’s APJ VP & GM, Will Griffith, to discuss how a collaborative CTO-CMO relationship can enhance business growth.

Session 2 | Tech Stack Optimisation and Productivity Lift through Unified Data

Converging market forces have indelibly impacted economy-wide sectors, with higher education no less immune to the acceleration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital hyperconnectivity has spearheaded the rise of online and hybrid learning models, and impelled educational institutions to transform to meet shifting student demands.

Join this session to learn how Arizona State University streamlined its data architecture to improve productivity amid the rapid digitalisation of the higher education sector.

Session 3 | Privacy by Design: From Compliance to Competitive Advantage

Privacy law sits at the intersection of competition law and consumer law, giving it enormous potency in shaping market and consumer behaviours. Accordingly, cultivating consumer trust is the cornerstone of competitive advantage in a data-driven digital economy.

Hosted by Tealium, learn how innovative MarTech consultancy, The Lumery, is empowering leading brands to transform compliance into a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.


This year’s Digital Velocity APAC 2023 event will equip you with the insights to move beyond disruption to innovation-led growth. Register now to attend the world’s premier digital, data and CX event to build business resilience in a dynamic global market.

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