Digital Velocity 2023, focused on how to “Survive and Thrive in Today’s Dynamic Digital Environment,” kicks off next week! During this globally renowned three-day event, we will delve into essential tactics for establishing a customer-centric organization, adapting to ever-changing market conditions, and harnessing first-party data through innovative techniques. Additionally, we will highlight the significance of connected and secure customer data in safeguarding the longevity of your business. Our expert-led industry discussions will also cover prominent customer data applications that facilitate the growth and retention of your customer base, and empower your teams to navigate disruptions with confidence.

Every year, Digital Velocity brings a plethora of valuable tips, tricks, insights, and wisdom to carry attendees throughout the year. As we get excited for all the goods to come from this year’s event, let’s take a look at some of the top 5 insights from Digital Velocity 2022!

Top 5 Most Advantageous Insights from Digital Velocity 2022

1. Focus on integrating online cx with offline in-store experiences.

From our Digital Velocity 2022: The Ultimate Retail CX event comes this very relevant gem on the importance of merging online and offline customer experiences – a point that only continues to grow in importance.

The customer journey is now omni-channel in the truest sense and our digital and physical worlds are colliding. Retailers need to connect online customer experience for retail with in-store, in-person experiences if they want to provide the ultimate customer experience.

“Retail brands are integrating online experiences with offline in-store experiences to provide a seamless customer journey. Additionally, customers assume you already know about them, so it’s vital to tell a personalized story on your website. Invest in telling the same story to the same person across all channels.”

– Christina Sweeney, Site Analytics Manager, New Balance


“Personalization I’ve seen in the past is on websites; now we’re learning how to collect data in store. Can we use cameras to track the path to purchase and understand how people are moving in store? Can we gain some insights from that? Can we personalize the experience across all channels? Maybe you’ve got something in your cart and you go to the store and we serve a coupon. It’s the combo of all the channels, pulling it all together.”

– Greg Hirschi, Director, Marketing Analytics, Otterbox Products

2. Select A HIPAA Compliant CDP

Last year’s Digital Velocity 2022: The Ultimate Healthcare CX event highlighted how important it is for highly regulated industries to select technology vendors that can truly partner with you on your compliance requirements. 

While there are variations of HIPAA compliance that companies face, having a platform that understands your constraints and the guidelines you need to follow makes your life simpler. You should not have to worry your customer data vendor is taking all the necessary precautions to assure that you are operating legally.

“Companies like Tealium are able to understand the data and measure ways to track engagement in a HIPAA compliant way. It becomes something you can measure, like how many people are showing up to these virtual visits. Having platforms that are HIPAA compliant, where you can see these touch points and potentially gather data, is very valuable.”

– Aimee Bios, Vp of Data and Analytics, Zion and Zion

3. Customize Pricing Models Based on Customer Experience

In our Digital Velocity 2022: The Ultimate Sports, Media and Entertainment CX event we got some incredibly innovative and exciting examples of how companies are using a Customer Data Platform to elevate the truly personalized customer experience.

It is no secret that different consumers value different things. Thus, having a more elaborate pricing model where you can customize valuable seats based on patron interest data, whether that be closer to a good concession stand, bar or even the exit, is useful. Knowing who you are selling to and what they value will make your job easier and their experience infinitely better. Use your data to increase the profitability of your company and the experience of your customers.

“How do you optimize the ticket price? That can mean different things for different people – sometimes it’s the closest seat to the floor, or sometimes it’s closest to the bars. You need to optimize different experiences and then price them differently.”

– Julie Souza, Head of Sports, Global Professional Services, AWS

4. Integrate Use Cases Across Your Organization

We heard some incredible insights on how a CDP can support the dismantling of organizational data silos at last year’s Digital Velocity 2022: The Ultimate Financial CX event.

Instead of simply purchasing customer data technology and isolating it within a single silo in your organization, integrate this technology with the rest of your technical infrastructure. Having a vendor-neutral CDP makes this large scale integration in your tech stack much easier. Oftentimes, CDP’s are seen as purely a marketing tool, which could not be further from the truth. In order to truly get the most out of your CDP it is beneficial to have all branches in your organization bought in and educated on what CDPs can do to make their jobs easier. Do not just look for one department of your company to succeed with this technology, but create cross-departmental usage so that your entire organization can benefit and excel.

“Companies that struggle will implement the technology first, and not focus on enabling. Success requires an integrated experience architecture with data, orchestration layer, channel activation layer, all the necessary things needed to see something real happen with the market. It’s a vertically integrated set of solutions that must come together to drive the use case. Operators and users also usually take a backseat, but it’s good to have them involved early on from a change management standpoint, and also good to think about how experience architecture can enable future and new interactions. These teams will think of all these things they couldn’t do before.”

– Justin Sanderson, Managing Director, Accenture

5. Touchless technology is the “key”

Finally, our Digital Velocity 2022: The Ultimate Travel & Hospitality CX discussed the importance of continuing to develop the innovations that arose from the pandemic, like touchless customer interactions.

Travelers’ expectations have changed. Two years of disrupted traveling has molded the customer experience travel & hospitality into something different, something new. One of the biggest changes was the need to offer a touchless experience – kiosks at the airport for automated check-ins, touchless pay devices, and mobile apps for hotel stays that included check-in and a digital key are innovations that are here to stay!

“A lot of innovation got unlocked during the pandemic. We worked on things to make our customers more comfortable, like Agent On Demand where customers could talk to a live agent through our app to change flights, handle Covid-19 restrictions, or other things that would stress out flyers and otherwise put them in long lines.”

– Sadia Khan, Director, Demand Gen & Digital Marketing, United Airlines

For cutting edge insights from top data-driven organizations from around the world, do not miss this year’s virtual Digital Velocity 2023: Future-Proof Your Business, May 9-11th. Hear from the most innovative brands as they discuss harnessing the power of their customer data with proven use cases that drive revenue. Learn how to ride the waves of the customer data change with certainty and confidence as you learn how to future-proof your business today for tomorrow’s changes.

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