Moments API

Power first page personalization, AI, customer service, and more use cases by configuring real-time API access to specific customer data in Tealium.

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Make the Moments that Matter Count
with Blazing Fast Access to Customer Profile Data

Moments API is the fastest and most configurable way to access and use the valuable insights in the Tealium Customer Data Hub. Fuel your tech stack with customer data and insights at blazing speeds (averaging 60 milliseconds) to power real-time, personalized experiences at the most critical moments in the customer journey.

API Composer
Setup Multiple Engines
Fast, Reliable, and Scalable
Many Types of Data

Use our simple UI to choose the specific data points you want available at an API endpoint. The API composer is an easy-to-use tool that walks users through the process of selecting data in Tealium to make available via API.

Moments API comes with 10 active engines by default, more available upon request. Each engine can be uniquely configured to power various use cases, geographies, or business unit needs. Visitor data is returned as a JSON object.

Response times for Moments API depend on the amount of data returned, but response times have been benchmarked at 60 ms for typical payloads. APIs are reliable and scalable with insights into delivery and payload size.

Choose from Attributes, Audiences, and Badges giving you ultimate flexibility in returning the right data to power your use case. With flexibility across many data types and the data you want available, data becomes much more performant and accessible.

"This is a lot of technical words to say we can unlock previously unreachable use cases for real-time responsiveness to your visitors, and we can't wait to see what amazing things customers will do with this.” Bob Page Chief Product Officer, Tealium

Use Cases for Moments API

Personalization: first page & beyond

User tracking across domains / subdomains

Customer support data augmentation

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) profile retrieval for AI

Customer profile retrieval across channels/devices

Personalize Real-time Customer Engagement with Maximum Flexibility

The flexibility of data collection and management through Tealium, combined with the configurability and performance of Moments API means your organization gets unmatched agility to build data-driven experiences.

Add Context to AI Applications or Customer Service Interactions

Artificial Intelligence through LLMs and Customer Service interactions produce better outcomes with better context. Moments API enables your organization to add individual customer context to a broad range of CX applications.

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