Build or Buy Your CDP?

Discover an approach that isn’t an all-or-nothing choice

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When it comes to evaluating a Customer Data Platform (CDP), companies oftentimes must ask the most critical question: can we build this ourselves in house? The answer is not a simple yes or no, rather a discussion around time, cost, and the components of a CDP your team deems most important.

These discussions more times than not can lead to a divided company, a pro-buy side and a pro-build side. However, it doesn’t need to be this way and the discussion ultimately shouldn’t strictly be about build vs. buy.

In this whitepaper, Build or Buy Your CDP? Choosing an approach that’s best for your business, the Customer Data Platform Institute shares the mixed nature of a build vs. buy debate and how companies can move forward to focus on the more practical questions of what to build and what to buy to create the highest business value.

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  • Generate business value and evaluate the cost factors when it comes to build vs. buy
  • Determine which components of a CDP to buy and what falls under a reasonable policy to build
  • Inspire both business users and IT teams to work together to identify uncertainties about future needs