Visitor Stitching: A Unified View of Your Multidevice Customers

The pursuit of personalized and relevant omnichannel campaigns requires a unified view of consumer behavior across all devices. Now you can have it.

Girl using a phone and tablet
  • Better understand how customers interact with your web and mobile channels, and which devices are best suited for your content creation, support, merchandising, and marketing initiatives
  • Previously anonymous behavior will suddenly fill in critical gaps in your customer knowledge when multidevice activity is merged with known customer profiles
  • Key marketing technologies will be fueled with the freshest and most complete set of first-party visitor behavioral data
  • CRM systems can obtain key information needed for improved decision-making

Digital Transformation is a key initiative for today’s businesses looking to build a true ‘customer-at-the-center’ approach that delivers relevant, personalized experiences across online and offline channels. But in order to deliver on this, having the tools to build an agile and sound visitor stitching strategy are a must.

Typical analytics data often shows multi-device visitor interaction as coming from three visits and three different people, but, in reality, it is likely that those visits are from just one visitor using different devices. Fortunately, Tealium visitor stitching technology recognizes multiple identifiers belonging to the same person and then maps them to multi-device use. See Figure 1.

The Benefits of Tealium AudienceStream

Tealium AudienceStream enables you to map a consumer’s journey to all of his or her devices for a unified view crucial to campaign planning and analysis. For instance, the information may show that you need to emphasize research-related material on mobile devices and reserve calls to action to purchase for larger-screen devices.

Real-Time Access to Stitched Profiles

Not only will AudienceStream proactively seek matching identifiers across all known visitor profiles, it will combine them in real time. Newly combined profiles can be immediately acted upon, thus making personalization, remarketing, and retargeting actions much more personalized and effective.

Visitor stitching

Get Comprehensive Collection of Visitor IDs

Tealium can track visitor IDs across device use with any number of identifiers including but not limited to, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more. When any known ID is matched, visitors, their behaviors, and devices are automatically stitched together. AudienceStream then enables you to take actions using these profile-based attributes and create unique audiences, facilitating compelling omnichannel campaigns that may begin on a tablet and follow the user to his or her desktop.