Better Together: Tealium + The Trade Desk

Get the most out of your customer data.

Level-up your Marketing & Advertising Power

Your customers are your most valuable and top-performing assets. They are the signal of the best loyal and lift-driving consumers. Transactions shine immediate insight into campaign performance for better campaign optimizations. Loyalty and conversion signals inform better modeling, insights, and conversion understanding than any other data asset. Brands lacking loyalty programs and access to transactions need an avenue to grow their business too.

Working together, Tealium and the Trade Desk can help you optimize your campaigns in a privacy-first manner.

What you can Achieve

Together our solutions solve multiple steps of the advertiser journey

Market Leaders

Benefits of the Tealium + The Trade Desk Partnership

Activate Data In Emerging Channels For Better Targeting

While also maintaining user privacy, activate data within Data Clean Rooms, Connected TV (CTV), and Digital out of Home (DOOH), among others.

Harness The Power Of First-Party Data To Reach Retail Audiences Across The Entire Customer Journey

Leverage Tealium’s CDP to unify and cleanse data from across your entire digital ecosystem, in real-time, to enhance RMN (Retail Media Network) outcomes.

Improve The Fidelity Of Multichannel Audience Marketing

By fueling The Trade Desk with unified first-party data collected through Tealium, marketers can benefit from advanced, precise audience targeting.

Connecting Advertising Campaigns With Results In Real Time

Through a real-time connection to the Tealium CDP, instant attribution and insights are linked to campaigns on The Trade Desk. Organizations can combine the first-party insights alongside the Measurement Indexes to understand the best channel and bid rates for their audiences and continue to improve lookalike modeling and experimentation for new strategies.

Monetize Your Data

Make your third-party data available to all buyers in the platform or only to certain buyers that you specify. Create segments for your data and set rates.

Tealium + the Trade Desk Integrations

Unified ID 2.0
Unified ID 2.0 (UID2.0) is an open-source ID framework sponsored by The Trade Desk, which can be used to identify users instead of using third-party cookies. UID2.0 is created from a user’s PII such as an email address or phone number. Integrate the UID2.0 framework within Tealium’s CDP.
Unified ID 2.0 Setup Guide
The Trade Desk Universal Pixel
The Trade Desk Universal Pixel enables marketers to gain more visibility into user data, and analyze reporting at a more granular level using the Data Element Report.
The Trade Desk Universal Pixel Setup Guide
The Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service
The Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service enables a user to associate the cookie that identifies a Tealium visitor, and the cookie that identifies the user for The Trade Desk.
The Trade Desk Cookie Matching Service Setup Guide
The Trade Desk Offline Conversions
With the Trade Desk Offline Conversions connector send offline user conversion data to The Trade Desk platform.
The Trade Desk Offline Conversions Setup Guide
The Trade Desk First-Party Data
Send enriched Visitor Profiles and Audiences to The Trade Desk for more personalized advertising campaigns.
The Trade Desk First Party Data Setup Guide
Coming Soon The Trade Desk Third-Party Data
Upload user data to build audiences within The Trade Desk’s DMP.
Coming Soon The Trade Desk Real-Time Conversion Event
Leverage real-time conversion events for retargeting and attribution.
Coming Soon The Trade Desk EUID
European Unique ID is designed to facilitate interoperability across Europe in compliance with GDPR standards.

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