The concept of digital personalization has been around for over a decade and for good reason. Countless consumer surveys over that time have shown that businesses that get personalization right can drive growth, improve customer retention and increase revenues. As exciting a promise as personalization may be, many businesses are still trying to master it across every customer touchpoint. So where is the gap? Typically it lies in the customer data fueling those experiences.

Resource Type: Video, Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Data Layer, Data Orchestration, First-Party Data, GDPR, Governance, Identity Resolution, Personalization, Privacy
Product: AudienceStream Customer Data Platform
Vertical: B2B, Retail,B2b,Hospitality,Healthcare,Financial,Media,Digital Services
Business Issue: Data Governance (Compliance), Data Governance (Quality), Data Readiness, Digital Transformation, Single View of the Customer (Personalization/Experience)
Section: Digital Velocity