Navigating Privacy and Personalization in MarTech in 2021 and Beyond

The digital marketing times are changing. The rules of how we target and measure customer behavior are being rewritten. Access to customer data is shrinking. And respecting and honoring consumers’ privacy has never been more critical, nor more of an opportunity.

The customer data landscape is shifting in this very moment. How is your data strategy evolving alongside it?

In this webinar, Tealium and special guest, Forrester Analyst, Stephanie Liu, show you how to succeed in this new era of customer experience. We cover topics like:

  • The tech trends, regulations and consumer privacy expectations conspiring to drastically shift how brands can use customer data for targeting and analytics/attribution
  • The ways that personalizing experiences and measuring customer behavior will need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes
  • How you can leverage a first-party, privacy-centric data strategy to fill the gap and provide competitive differentiation using customer data
Resource Type: Webinar
Topic: Customer Data Platforms, Personalization
Section: Webinars