Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative and everywhere – but feeling like you can’t get through it all? Tealium’s got you covered! Each Friday we’ll share our top recommended readings for the week.

Chief Marketing Officers Share Strategies For 2018
A CMS Wire Article

It’s been a turbulent year for marketers, with disruption, security and customer data issues along with a myriad of other distractions and 2018 doesn’t appear to be any less frenzied. To help ramp up for 2018 CMS Wire spoke with CMOs in different fields to help better understand where their strategic focus will be in the coming year and…keep reading.

7 Online Marketing Trends That Dominated 2017
A Forbes Article

Success in online marketing depends, in part, on the ability to keep up with the latest trends and news. Capitalizing on fads has paid off for thousands of brands, and being able to shift with the changing tides of consumer expectations and behaviors is a practical necessity if you want to remain relevant—especially in the…keep reading.

2018: Chatbots Will Unlock New Era for Marketers With Unforseen Data Potential
A MarketingTech News Article

A new untapped marketing channel, effective content distribution, always online and personalisation at scale. These are the four primary benefits people often speak of when promoting chatbots. Yet one of the most significant benefits often remains overlooked – unparalleled business intelligence and data. With a chatbot, brands have more information and data than ever at…keep reading.

Businesses ‘Open’ To Data Protection By Design To Fully Comply With GDPR
An information age Article

With GDPR coming into play May 2018, companies doing business in the EU face the prospect of fines and damaged reputations if they cannot prevent vital corporate and customer data from falling into the wrong hands. Innovation and speed are critical, but they cannot come at the expense of risk management. Balancing speed withkeep reading.

Richard Branson Says This 1 Word Will Give You an Extraordinary Life
An Article

Richard Branson has a nickname among employees at his Virgin empire. And he got that nickname because of how often he says one word. Saying this one word as often as you can, especially to things that frighten you, can make all the difference…keep reading.

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