When powerful tech comes together, your brand becomes truly unstoppable. That’s why Tealium is vendor neutral, meaning we not only work with all of your existing tech, but we also optimize it to make sure you’re getting access to all of your customer data – and in real time.

This summer, we’ve taken that “better together” mindset (along with some inspiration from the Beatles) to bring you our All You Need is Data Love Partner Webinar Series! In this series, we’re sitting down with some of our amazing partners like AWS, Google, Facebook, and Braze to share powerful and relevant use cases only achievable with our partnerships.

Keep reading to see the key takeaways from our first session with AWS on how to navigate major challenges and trends in the customer data landscape or watch the on-demand session here.

Tealium + AWS: How We Work Together (7:40)

Alone, Tealium’s AudienceStream Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects and unifies your multi-channel data in real time to create 360º customer profiles. With these profiles, you can better understand each customer and deliver more impactful messaging in the moments that matter most.

With AWS, Tealium’s CDP unifies the data being collected in your AWS solutions like Eventbridge or Firehouse, and enriches it so you can trigger actions in real time across multiple channels like mobile and web.

This process flows both ways, meaning that our CDP also collects data from the channels just stated and unifies those insights and feeds them into your AWS solutions to drive stronger campaigns (shown below):

5 Customer Data Trends and How Tealium + AWS Can Help You Keep Up

Now let’s take a look at how this partnership works to help you keep up with trends and challenges in the customer data landscape.

Trend 1: The importance of a first-party data strategy in the absence of third-party cookies (9:15)

Third-party cookie loss may be disruptive, but at the end of the day getting rid of them is for the better. Without third-party cookies, brands will be able to establish trust with their customers through one-to-one interactions and take more ownership of their data. 

But there is still a lot of confusion on where to start in terms of preparing for this major change. Tealium and AWS have always prioritized first-party data and believe that shifting to a first-party data strategy should be your organization’s first step to preparing.

What does switching actually look like? A good place to start is by assessing the data you already have access to. You might be surprised at how much first-party data you find! Look at non-traditional systems or channels you’re currently using that are capturing first-party data like call center transcripts, images, or videos. 

We also have an entire guide that outlines the steps to making the switch and shares first-party data use case examples.

Trend 2: Identifying customers without third-party cookies (11:50)

Identity has been one of the main concerns for businesses when it comes to overcoming third-party cookie loss. For years, companies have relied on third-party cookies to recognize returning customers and deliver the right messaging depending on their behavior and buying stage.

Now, it’s time to reinvent your strategy and there are two necessary components – ownership of your data and compliance.

Some brands are looking to build their own identity graph but do not understand the amount of compliance, technology, and budget needed to fully construct it. With Tealium, our CDP has patented visitor stitching technology that prioritizes compliance so you don’t have to stress over it. This is the better option for enterprises that aren’t ready to build an identity graph and like we said earlier, we’re vendor neutral so integration into your tech stack is seamless.

Another strategy that will come into play is value exchange. Although this will be easier to achieve for some industries like ecommerce while others will have a harder time. Nonetheless, now is the time to start implementing value exchange so you can begin establishing more ownership over your data before it’s too late.

Trend 3: Creating a data fabric for agility (18:05)

When we talk about data fabric, we’re not just referring to the tools involved in creating the data layer, but also the importance of being transparent across your organization about what you know about your customers.

More specifically, there has been a shift in the way organizations operate with marketing and IT and even call centers needing access to the same data in order to deliver a strong experience. This shift is also known as the need for data democratization within organizations.

In order to enable this democratization, it’s essential to have the right tech in place so you don’t leave any insights in silos. A majority of organizations have made investments in the core data services like ingestion, cleansing, etc. However, they still need to improve on key activation and democratization services to ensure the rep at the call center on the phone with the customer has the context they need when they need it.

Tealium and AWS enable data democratization through the synergy resulting from the unification, enrichment, and neutrality shared between our solutions.

Trend 4: Working with Master Data Management (22:35)

While your data should be interlinked, it’s important to identify what data is needed to deliver the right experience. And while Master Data Management (MDM) should play a role in your data collection strategy, the data you need for these experiences might not be part of the MDM. 

Instead, brands should apply an as-needed approach to data collection that will take shape in unified customer profiles and a standard data layer. 

With the individual profiles, you better understand each customers’ unique behavior and can evaluate what other context or insights you need in order to best communicate with them. With a data layer, you now have established a standard set of signals to collect and serve so you don’t cause data bloat or confusion amongst departments.

Trend 5: Keeping up with digital engagement in real time (27:27)

Real time functionality is no longer just nice to have, but instead a need in order to survive in today’s CX landscape.

In fact, 75% of enterprise organizations surveyed said they believed untimely data inhibited business opportunities while 58% of those surveyed said they saw significant increases in customer retention and loyalty as a result of real-time customer analytics.

That said, you need tech that is going to help you keep up, rather than keep your data in silos. 

With Tealium + AWS, you get access to unified and enriched insights in real time from both your AWS solutions and outside channels. This means you can more effectively talk to your customers and deliver more meaningful experiences across all channels at the right time. 

Learn more about our partnership with AWS or request a custom demo to see firsthand how Tealium + AWS can help your organization right here.

Also, be sure to save your seat for the rest of our series so you don’t miss out on inspiring use cases!

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