It’s a crazy world out there when it comes to marketing technology and the dizzying array of tools at our disposal. Buying technology is easy, but making it work for your business is hard. How do you get all those tools to wrap around your customer-centric vision?

We often get asked how Tealium fits into the martech stack as many vendors talk about similar concepts and capabilities. A great way to think about it is campaign-centric vs. customer-centric. Let me explain:

Most of the tools that you use today are focused on executing a campaign that you are building. Consider your DMP, ESP, DSP, personalization engine, search, social, affiliates, and so on. You basically set the parameters and customizations for that specific campaign and they execute like a champ! That is why you have invested in those tools. Here’s the problem, most if not all of those campaign tools don’t communicate with one another. They can’t share the limited campaign-specific ‘customer data’ that they have applied to that campaign. Marketing clouds have attempted to fix some of that but it’s difficult when trying to get six tools built on six different code bases to find a common language. Even if they did, you still have multiple tools outside of their cloud missing out on the conversation…sad. This is why it is crucial to have a hub built from the ground up to be customer-centric.

To solve this data fragmentation problem, you have to start at the point of data collection across web, native mobile, connected devices, Iot, and even offline systems. Our tag management solution, Tealium iQ, establishes a common data layer that standardizes all of the rich data that exists as customers browse pages or use apps. That data is then collected across all points of customer engagement in a fully correlated fashion, which then serves as the building blocks for a universal profile. That’s not a new concept but by having that established common collection footprint, visitor profiles can be enriched, updated and activated in true real-time. Furthermore, they can be built in a common language so that all of your teams, tools and technologies can benefit from the same up-to-the-moment data.

This activation means that data doesn’t go to a data graveyard to die. It is ready for distribution to a campaign tool. Here’s where having over 1,000 real-time integrations across JavaScript tags, cloud delivery (server to server) and API’s make data actionable across your entire stack. Our mission at Tealium is to sync all of your campaign tools with the exact same data by creating an agnostic platform that focuses on your customer data — allowing your entire marketing stack to work together and solve problems. Our customer-centric platform does all of the heavy lifting by maintaining the golden record, and then communicates across all the campaign tools when and where to execute. The common language created by Tealium is the way to truly unify all tools, marketing, and of course your campaigns. Now your team can create customer-centric strategies that empower the ability to connect campaigns more than ever before.

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Jay Calavas
Jay is the Chief Innovation Officer at Tealium

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