As a CIO or CTO, you’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into building a tech stack that best fits your organization’s specific goals. But it can be frustrating when your tech does not easily integrate together and you’re left with siloed, disconnected customer data.

On top of that, it’s common to face obstacles like legacy architecture holding up development, resulting in time that should be spent on analyzing your customer data instead being wasted on menial tasks required for setup.

These challenges create a ripple effect throughout your organization. IT resources struggle with data management and compliance while marketers lack the insights they need to drive real-time personalization.

The solution? A tool that not only unifies the tech you’ve already invested in heavily, while also acting as a neutral and central hub that seamlessly integrates into your stack.

That’s why Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) is vendor agnostic, meaning we work with the tech you already have in your stack and act as a bridge between each of your integrations and tools. By being this central hub that unites your technology, you’re able to achieve:

  • Clean data across all of your customers’ systems
  • A future-proof architecture that reduces integration complexity
  • Simplified data security and compliance
  • Alignment between IT and Marketing as well as across your organization overall

Real Examples of the Power of a Vendor Neutral CDP

In the new report on the Total Economic Impact of Tealium CDP, Forrester found that two of the key benefits Tealium customers achieved were tech stack optimization and increased productivity. More specifically, Forrester found that over three years, these organizations achieved financial impacts of $782K and $590K respectively

But what exactly are these benefits and how do they look for your industry? 

Chart outlining benefits of vendor neutral cdp including tech stack optimization

Examples of How CIOs & CTOs Can Benefit From Tech Stack Optimization and Productivity Lift

Tech stack optimization and improved productivity from a CDP can look differently across industries, but they often resolve common issues CIOs and CTOs face like:

  • Automating legacy manual processes for faster uptime
  • Streamlining data management processes and breaking down data silos
  • Eliminating third-parties and using first-party data to simplify data privacy compliance

To add some color to those benefits we can look at one of Tealium’s travel and hospitality customers. Before Tealium, the brand’s IT team was relying heavily on third parties and lacked data standardization. They had just acquired a network of hotel groups and needed a solution that would standardize guest data and save time, money, and reduce the risk of manual errors. 

By onboarding a CDP, they were able to significantly cut the time it takes to implement new technologies by removing third parties and allowing business critical tasks to be carried out quickly and securely in-house. This resulted in their IT staff saving 20% of their time, essentially gaining one whole working day back every week.

We can also look at a retail customer who needed to incorporate data analytics into their operations as part of their digital transformation strategy. They wanted to optimize and expand the use of data across the entire organization and needed the right foundation to make this a possibility. Because of Tealium’s ability to seamlessly integrate with any tool, the retailer was able to significantly reduce both cost and time investments by 50%.

Lastly, one of Tealium’s healthcare customers was looking to simplify their compliance strategies in order to prevent PHI data from flowing to third-party vendors. With Tealium, this organization was able to do just that as well as ensure HIPAA compliance through a secure, corporation-wide data foundation facilitated by Tealium.

Bottomline is that getting the most value out of the tech you’ve already invested so much into shouldn’t be challenging and laborious. We understand that frustration and are here to help you avoid it.

Get a demo today to see firsthand how Tealium can help you optimize your tech stack and reach your customer data goals!

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Audrey Lewis
Audrey is a Demand Generation Manager at Tealium

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