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Tealium unifies your customer data and supports 1,300+ turnkey

integrations to tie together your tech stack.

Tealium Integrates Your Customer Data with Any Tool Your Business Relies on,
From A(dobe) to Z(endesk).

Let’s face it, integrating critical customer data with your experience, advertising and analytics tools is a lot of work. Gartner recently found that marketing leaders are only leveraging 58% of their tech stack, leaving potential opportunities for engagement and analysis untapped. Why? A desire to use best-in-class tools but hurdles in getting those tools to work together.

Tealium is focused on delivering trusted data to your business, no matter the CRM, social marketing platform, marketing cloud, or analytics suite that your business relies on.

Why Take a Data-First Approach with Your CDP?

No matter how you drive customer engagement and insights, Tealium’s data-first Customer Data Platform helps teams and tools work off the same set of unified customer data in real time. We don’t make you choose, we make what you have better. 

Avoid Lock-In

Focusing on a foundational data strategy with your CDP provides you agility to add new engagement tools and build customer insight across business units all while ensuring your entire stack is working off the same set of trusted data. And a vendor-neutral approach ensures that your CDP works with all the tools and marketing clouds you have today— and the ones you may have in the future.

Better Outcomes 

Your stack works better when it works together. A vendor-neutral CDP is a key piece of the technology puzzle by providing deep integrations with the leading tech providers to help your teams and tools work together to drive budget efficiency and consistent customer experiences.

Rich Data, Better Insights

Data is your business’ most powerful asset and our data-first approach is focused on breaking down data silos. With a broader set of trusted data, you ensure that you have access to high-quality and high-volume customer insights.

Connect Teams and Tools

The landscape of technologies powering customer engagement is rarely based on a single ecosystem. Ensure customer support, sales, marketing, analytics and developer teams are all working off the same set of customer data.

“The highest -performing brands in Gartner’s Digital IQ (DIQ) Index use a plethora of technologies; rarely does that include only one single vendor.”

– Gartner, Marketing Technology Drivers of Genius Brand Performance, 31 July 2020

Flexible Integrations Across the Entire Tealium Customer Data Hub

Tealium + Facebook:
Better Together

Tealium’s integrations enable businesses to utilize high quality, first-party data to improve their Facebook ad targeting and analysis. 

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Tealium + Adobe:
Better Together

Tealium’s integrations across the entire Adobe Experience Cloud help businesses unlock the full power of their Adobe products and the rest of their tech stack with seamless data integration.

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Tealium + AWS:
Better Together

Deliver higher quality and more comprehensive customer data to AWS in real time to drive better insights and engagements.

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Tealium + Google:
Better Together

Power better experiences with better data through Tealium’s integrations with products like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and more.

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