One of the best things that happens when a client engages with our Tealium AudienceStream™ real-time enterprise data platform  is the discovery of new ways of solving old problems. We’re providing a solution that encourages collaboration and communication across marketing silos. This is most commonly seen when we take a handful of channel-specific use cases and show how an e-mail marketer can share a use case with a pay-per-click manager.

Let’s use cart abandonment as an example. Typically clients are looking to use an e-mail service provider (ESP) to target cart abandoners. As part of its data collection methodology, AudienceStream will routinely capture product information such as SKUs, quantities and image URLs, as well as visitor information such as e-mail address and cart URL. When the end of a visit occurs and the visitor is considered a cart abandoner, a “badge” or attribute will be applied to the visitor profile in AudienceStream, and the visitor will be assigned to a larger audience of cart abandoners. The product and visitor information is also sent to an ESP via an API. All this so an e-mail can be triggered to the visitor. Nothing out of standard practice so far.

Jumping back to the badge being assigned — at this point everything about the visitor is still vendor neutral. In other words, we have only signified that the abandonment event has occurred. This is great news because this means every vendor you use can now be informed of this event. Here is a list of activities that we can now implement based off of the single cart abandonment event.

  1. Trigger an API call to your ESP to send an email to the visitor
  2. Trigger an API call to your retargeting platform so the visitor can be targeted off site to get them back into the cart to complete their purchase
  3. Trigger an API call to your display advertising platform so if the visitor returns to the site, you can offer a free shipping or 20 percent off coupon
  4. Trigger a call to your CMS system so that upon the visitors’ next site visit, the landing page is tailored to an abandoner

This cross-channel marketing effort will generate more touch points based on the event, and increase the likelihood that the visitor returns to the site and completes an order. Now that’s an effective campaign!

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Dan George
Dan is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Tealium

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