The MarTech world is all about change and with that change of course comes major product announcements as technology solutions evolve. Anytime a big player in the tag management space prompts users to change their instance or rethink how they deploy the solution, current users and companies are presented with the opportunity to re-evaluate their needs and look at more scalable and powerful solutions.

Finding a top tier Tag Management System (TMS) that continuously and seamlessly innovates without disrupting your business is no small feat, but Tealium is here to help.

Technology That Grows With You

If crucial software within your martech stack, like your tag management system, undergoes any major change or product retirement that has a direct and inconvenient impact on your business, there are multiple factors one should consider before remaining with the phased out product-to-be versus migrating to a more versatile, transformative solution. Is it best to stay with a product that may not continue to be updated, and innovative? Is an uncertain future a risk that today’s sophisticated digital marketer can afford to take? Not being able to constantly optimize and improve data, conversions and relationships with customers could be an unstable and uncertain path thriving businesses won’t want to stay on.

Companies with the desire to thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital market will want to implement products and services that grow and innovate alongside them – those with exciting roadmaps, promises of future solutions that entice, and ultimately, delivering the technology solutions that become extensions of an already savvy team who have a stake in overall success.

Transformational Technology

Brands that want cutting-edge tag management technology, that will allow them to take leaps and bounds beyond their competition, all the while building a best-of-breed martech stack, are now considering migrating to TMS systems. They want solution providers that are the leaders of the pack, those that have more integrations than they can count with the most common technologies in a marketers stack and ultimately, the ones that are vendor agnostic.

Critical Considerations

While searching for a powerhouse TMS platform some businesses wonder why they should pay for a tag management system when there are other free solutions available – and that is most definitely a valid question.

Below is a quick list of 8 ROI Considerations for Tag Management, highlighting the differences between free and enterprise tag management solutions to consider. If you want to take a deep dive and read the full report you can view it here.  

How would your business benefit from freed-up IT resources?

One of the greatest financial benefits of an enterprise TMS is the time, money and resource costs saved by reducing the digital marketing and analytics teams’ dependence on IT for technical implementation and support. Finding a code-free, UI-based approach provides for the ability to quickly respond to ad hoc requirements (such as adjusting campaign tracking, privacy policy updates and correcting coding mistakes without IT resources), whereas a free tag management system the process is manual and still requires JS and a developer (or a non-technical person) to copy and paste code.

Is professional and responsive customer support important to you?

It’s critical a company finds a TMS that makes their data a #1 priority. Having an implementation, real-time and ongoing support team, as well as ongoing training will provide for the most successful relationship and TMS integration. Most free TMS systems may not have online communities and user forums that highlight best practices, product information and questions.

Is the ability to build the best MarTech stack for your business important?

Look for a vendor that enables you to choose the best marketing technologies for your business needs without restricting your options to a specific set of vendors or marketing cloud. A TMS system that has an expansive tag marketplace with multiple integrations will help you meet this goal.

Is your marketing team losing revenue while waiting for IT or other teams?

How much revenue has your company lost each day a campaign was not launched because marketing was waiting for IT to manually code and deploy a tag? As anyone leveraging a TMS knows, one of core benefits is marketing agility – the ability to test and launch new solutions and campaigns faster than ever before and optimize those that are performing well. Finding a solution that incorporates vendor tags and implementation guides for them, directly into their platform, will make deploying vendors significantly faster – which means faster time to ROI.

Would you like to achieve an efficient workflow between marketing and IT?

More often than not, a free TMS may not be designed to handle complex process and workflows around complex website hierarchies and product lines. Most paid solutions offer individual user-based permissions for every user within the system so marketing and analytics teams can quickly deploy a tag to a dev environment, which saves time, resources and money.

How well are you protecting your data?

Staying current and compliant with new legislation around data security and privacy should be of utmost importance. Any brand should confidently understand how their data is being collected, where the data is going and who is using that data. Choosing a TMS that assists a brand in developing clear and effective policies for data collection makes it clear they are a solid partner and will help build confidence in your business’ ability to appropriately and legally manage data.

What would improved site performance mean to your business?

The speed and reliability of a content distribution network (CDN) plays a key role in TMS performance as each second reduction in page load times can improve conversion and engagement rates by up to 7%. Find a tag manager who has a multi-CDN network to help deliver tags faster and more efficiently, and unfortunately, most free TMS’s rely on a single CDN, which creates lag times in page loads and tag firing.

Is data integration a business challenge?

Most companies today face data integration challenges and believe that if they found solutions to these challenges they would better understand their customer’s journey and ultimately, be able to improve customer experience – which results in improved acquisition and retention. Using a rock-solid leader in the tag management space can help your business overcome these data integration hurdles and gain better visibility of customers.

Choosing a powerful TMS that becomes an integral and foundational part of your data strategy will create a strong platform for future digital initiatives and transformations to help your brand move forward.

A solid TMS partner should not only help protect, but fully activate your business’ greatest competitive advantage – your data – for years to come.

Final Thoughts On The Keys to Success

  • Reduce the digital marketing and analytics teams’ dependence on IT for technical information by having the TMS be the core to digital data centralization and data ownership
  • Find a solution that delivers a wide range of capabilities such as customization, data management, privacy controls, mobile app support and more
  • Leverage the most-common and extensive library of integrations the TMS provides to create a truly unified customer experience across the entire martech stack

Interested in learning more about how Tealium powers digital transformation by sitting in the center of your technology stack with real-time connections to your digital properties, marketing, analytics, and data systems? We have risen to our customer’s expectations by becoming the largest and fastest tag manager in the industry, but we haven’t stopped there. We also have over 725+ customers leveraging our real-time customer data platform and Customer Data Hub to deliver dynamic audiences to their entire vendor ecosystem.

Data is your organization’s biggest competitive advantage and Tealium understands your need for a trusted and innovative solution that will empower and inspire you to make real-time decisions on your data. Contact us today to learn more.

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