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Tools to expand insights, actions, and efficiency in a world of never-ending data growth and complex customer journeys

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Augment Your Organization’s Use of Data to Impact the Whole Customer Journey

It’s no longer enough to just integrate data— you have to figure out how to use it at scale and across an increasingly complicated customer journey. To thrive in the data-driven future, it’s critical to solve the challenges of poring over spreadsheets, tapping expensive and limited resources to wrangle insights, or jumping from system to system manually finding little nuggets of actionable data at the cost of lost hours and days. Building on our Integrate Everything spring release, Tealium’s Augmented Marketer summer release creates the most powerful combination of insight and action for organizations looking to scale the power of trusted data for CX. For documentation and ongoing updates, check out the Tealium Learning Center.
Tealium Learning Center

The Latest Tealium Releases Deliver Automated Capabilities to Deepen Customer Insights

These insights on top of our industry-leading integration flexibility, you can not only understand the customer journey like never before, but put that understanding to work from a unified hub.

New Historical Lookbacks
Greater Visibility Over CX Data
Visualize the Customer Journey
Optimize the Customer Journey
Unlock ML Insights

New Historical Lookbacks to Build Powerful Audiences that are Effective from Day 1

Analyze historical data to enrich profiles with new insights based on past behaviors for maximum agility and the shortest time to value with new audiences.

Gain Greater Visibility Over CX Data and Quantify the ROI of Better Data with Reports and Dashboards

Get access to reporting and dashboards right at the hub at the intersection of where your customer data flows. Minimize the need to jump from tool to tool with templated and customizable reporting enabling you to efficiently get the most out of your data.

Visualize the Customer Journey Using the Right Data Foundation

Traditional approaches to orchestrating the customer journey suffer from a lack of comprehensive data and the inability to scale to accommodate real-life journeys. Solve both with insights at the hub, allowing your best-of-breed tools to do what they do best.

Efficiently Optimize the Customer Journey

Minimize the need to hop from tool to tool with integrated insight and activation features that maximize efficiency and minimize time to value. Get the agility you need to manage an increasingly complex and unique customer journey.

Unlock Automated ML Insights for Business Users

Enable less technical business users to augment customer profiles with propensity scores identifying the customers who are most or least likely to take a particular action. Define audiences and trigger action based on automated insights.

Tealium Insights for Reporting and Dashboards

Tealium Insights gives brands a powerful suite of reporting and dashboarding tools to efficiently unlock the hidden potential of first party data.

Data Insights
Customer Journey Insights
Augmented Marketer - Data Insights

NEW FEATURE: Data Insights

Operational and campaign performance insights, including pre-built and customizable dashboards. Dashboards include verticalized insights, particular use cases, and overall ROI. Or build your own based on the unique needs of your business.

Augmented Marketer - Customer Journey Insights

NEW FEATURE: Customer Journey Insights

Visualize the customer journey for insights into how audiences flow across moments in the customer journey, highlighting desirable and undesirable paths so that journey optimization can occur.

Lifetime Analysis and Profile Enrichment

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NEW FEATURE: Historical Enrichment

Use custom event queries to look back at past customer behavior and define new insights. Even when a particular insight wasn’t defined in advance, using the new Historical Enrichment feature enables profile enrichment by re-processing past events. These new enriched attributes can be used to create and target new audiences. This delivers peace of mind that you don’t have to think of everything upfront.

Augmented Marketer - Integrated Audiences
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NEW FEATURE: Integrated Audiences

Intuitive, easy-to-use audience builder for marketers to gain even more insight from their omnichannel customer data, with activation based on both historical and real-time data. Through our new Lifetime Profile capabilities, leverage the history of a visitor's profile to target past behavior. This provides brands the flexibility to target churned or seasonal audiences, and take action on past behavior to re-engage with customers in personalized ways.

Insights and Action: Better Together

Unmatched integration of the best data foundation with the capability to trigger action from a unified hub. Automate insights, access insights programmatically and integrate seamlessly with other systems to drive more value from your data foundation.

Journey Orchestration
Tealium Predict ML
Visitor API, Privacy API
Identity and Journey Vendors
Augmented Marketer - Journey Insights

Customer Journey Orchestration

An omni-channel mapping and optimization tool that allows marketers to inspect, adapt, and optimize customer experiences across touchpoints. It is purpose-built to solve the complexity of the modern customer journey, providing precise areas of optimization and actionable insights.

Predict Product

ENHANCED: Tealium Predict ML

Accessible, yet powerful, workflow optimization meant to better democratize the power of ML for business users, while enabling deeper exploration to build trust with more technical resources.

APIs - Integrate Everything


APIs to automate personalization and privacy at scale by programmatically accessing customer profiles within Tealium.

Augmented Marketer - Identity and Journey Vendors

NEW INTEGRATIONS: Identity and Journey Vendors

Identity integrations: Visitor profile enrichment through best-of-breed, 3rd party identity providers Merkle, Acxiom, Auth0
Journey integrations: Deep integration enabling the use of journey insights across any Tealium integration. Use audiences from Tealium with Journeys from Braze and Airship.

Deliver the Best Outcomes, Without Limitations

Tealium features over 1,300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

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