Learn how the new data visualizations and dashboards from Tealium’s summer product release offer the right level of analytics and reporting to save you time, help you make better decisions, and ultimately drive a better customer experience.

data cartoonPretty pictures. We all want them. Yet, are they the most important capability of every product in your tech stack? Of course not. For example, I’m sure the most critical job for your email provider is to send the best emails. Similarly, we’d like to think that the most essential job of your customer data platform is being a platform for your data. But, how can you send the best email or effectively use customer data without understanding what’s happening? You can’t. That’s why the visuals are so important…once you’ve got the data right.

It’s very common for organizations to end up in the situation reflected in the cartoon above because it’s easier to understand a visual than the data behind it. We’re out to change that equation so you don’t have to pick between good data and pretty pictures. With Tealium’s data-first approach, we have the hard part figured out and now have layered analytics on top so you can get more out of your data.

Data visualizations help your teams – across the organization – better understand what’s happening with your customers. Not everyone in your company is a data scientist, but customer data impacts roles in every department, and being able to visualize customer data helps you pull stronger insights and thus make better decisions more quickly. This means not only saving time, but actually building a differentiated CX based on these elevated insights.

Our Augmented Marketer summer product release is chock full of capabilities that take advantage of Tealium’s unmatched integration power with data visualizations and dashboards. The powerful analytics that follow help you answer the most frequent and impactful questions you have about your customer data. 

The Augmented Marketer Features Include Capabilities Like:

  • Customizable and Templated Reporting
    • Gain greater visibility over CX data and quantify the ROI of better data with reports and dashboards
  • New Lifetime Analysis and Profile Enrichment
    • Build powerful audiences that are effective from day 1 with new historical lookback tools 
  • Insights and Action in One Place
    • Visualize the customer journey using the right data foundation
    • Efficiently optimize the customer journey
  • Unlock Automated ML Insights for Business Users

Now, there are obviously extensive options on the market for dedicated data visualization and analytics tools and we’re not trying to replace those. In fact, we would encourage you to continue driving value from these tools in the right circumstances….but in these days of doing more with less, you need to think about how you can most efficiently bring insights to your data. Everyone knows analytics teams commonly spend more time wrangling data than analyzing it, so let’s flip that and bring the visualization to the data.

Augmented Marketer - Customer Journey Insights

Example data visualization helping to generate quick insights into the customer journey

Here Are the 5 Top Ways Having Data Visualization IN Your CDP Is Helpful

1. Unlock Better Operational Efficiency

With the vast ocean of data that exists for each and every organization, wrangling this data into something usable is three fourths of the battle. Having a single tool that can integrate with all your other data sources reduces that battle significantly. You want to see where there are gaps in your data, opportunities you need to act on quickly, and data-driven initiatives that aren’t panning out as expected to quickly redirect them.

We offer templated operational dashboards, the capability to build verticalized and use case reporting, as well as build your own data visualizations, giving our customers full flexibility and control to scale their first party data investment.

2. Define Better Audiences with Historical Lookbacks
Historical lookbacks allow you to enrich your data foundation with customer data you already have to glean new insights. This is incredibly useful when you think of new ideas for targeting and can be a total game changer when it comes to defining audiences, building campaigns, and selecting new use cases for your Customer Data Platform. Now not only do you have access to real-time insights, but also the ability to sift through historical data for insights you didn’t think to define up front.

3. Speed Up Time to Market
Another advantage of having embedded analytics within your CDP, especially with historical data enrichment, is that you can reduce your time to market with a new campaign. If you have a marketing campaign and can launch it faster due to better analytics, you will naturally get better results. These results then get filtered back into your dashboard for continued insights, compounding success over time.

4. Break Down Internal Silos
As we detail extensively in our latest research eBook, “The Organization of the Future,” the power of customer data is truly unleashed when departmental data silos are removed. Achieving that level of cross-departmental data integration, visualization, and collaboration requires three things – the technology (aka our CDP), the people (aka the people who will manage the CDP and the people who will act as liaisons across the organization to communicate and define use cases), and the processes (aka the defined data governance and strategy that will be used to by the people to best run the technology). While our new eBook defines the people and the processes needed, our CDP is now even more robust in helping achieve this democratization of data insights.

But extracting those insights isn’t always easy if you’re not a data analyst. Anybody can read a dashboard. Not everybody is a data engineer. Data visualizations allow all business users to easily get the insights previously only available to data engineers.

5. Clarify and Maintain Strong Data Governance & Quality
Analytics dashboards allow for faster identification of issues in data integration connections, which then subsequently has a positive impact on the quality of campaign metrics and customer 360 views. Instead of being blind to what’s happening on an ongoing basis, you’ll have a window into what’s going on at all times and can correct any errors immediately, keeping your data clean and your competitive advantage at an all time high.

Check out our recent webinar, The Augmented Marketer: Bringing Analytics to Your Customer Data for Better CX, for more information on the new analytics and insights available through Tealium’s new data visualization features.

Download our eBook, The Organization of the Future: A Blueprint for Structuring Your Optimal Customer Data Team (Plus Sample Org Charts!), for ten org charts and a blueprint for how to set up your people and process to maximize your investment in your Customer Data Platform.

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